President Donald Trump Beefs Legal Team In Preparation For SCO Report


Complete and total apoplexy. Heads exploding every second of every day.


Hillary broke actual laws and was giving a pass. What are you going to do, when you are so invested in sending Trump to prison and it never happens?


Paul who? Oh, I think he was the coffee / errand boy for the campaign for a short time. I never did meet him.

Cohen? Who’s he?


Pepperidge Farms remembers.


Is Rudi heading up the team?


Donald Trump broke actual laws and is in serious legal jeopardy already for his multiple felonies committed with Mr. Cohen and Mr. Pecker of AMI to steal the election. Fact.


You know what desperation looks like?

No? I didn’t think so. You’re in luck, though, as I’m going to tell you.


Hiring 17 MORE attorneys is DESPERATION.


So get the DOJ to file appropriate charges.

In the meantime, that does not excuse Trump from this investigation.


We had a senator from Colorado that switched from Dem to Rep during his term. We don’t want him, but I’d love to see the reaction if Trump did that. (If a pres even could). It would be so entertaining to watch them.


Just preparation for the storm.


Wheres the proof that he had any knowledge that any of this was going on before hand. Just because someone who works for you robbed a bank does not meant that you planned it.


It would be entertaining for sure. But screw that. He exemplifies everything the GOP is today. They deserve him fully.


The proof is in all of the court filings by the SDNY. I take it you haven’t read any of it. Fascinating. Lol


Absolutely. And I hope it bites them in the ass for decades to come.


Generations! That party deserves to be razed to the ground and the earth salted.


We’re in deep conservative self-delusion mode now. It will likely get dangerous as… certain… Trump supporters dig in their heels to defend a man who is giving them what they want.

It’s no coincidence that he’s amped up the Wall talk.


Spoken like a true Antifa.




Seriously? The GOP is full of a bunch of horrible people that have proven themselves abject failures at governing, who has been complicit in the criminal behavior of the bastard in the White House, and have abdicated their responsibility as Americans. They deserve to be ruined for generations for their decisions.


Well, I will say that there are conservatives like myself who believe this investigation needs to bring the truth to light - whatever that may be. Of course, I did not vote for Trump and am in no way a Trump supporter, thus am not beholden to him. There are other conservatives who I know share my viewpoint.