President Donald Trump Beefs Legal Team In Preparation For SCO Report

Tears from an election, made up crimes are the deflection.

Interesting you are so ignorant of the scope of the Mueller investigation and the legal jeopardy that Fat Donald and his ■■■■■■ up family face. Very interesting. I suspect you have chose willful ignorance, rather than seek the truth. Why? To protect a fragile ego most likely. It’s going to be very hard for people such as yourself. But then again, I don’t really give a ■■■■■

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Would that be the 2018 election?

Yep. Time for the House to do it’s job of Congressional Oversight.

I know more than you could imagine :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Actually, it is apparent from your posting to date that you are quite unaware. Perhaps it’s just a ploy on your part, who knows. Doesn’t matter either way, because it’s apparent to all rational observers that Fat Donald and his ■■■■■■ up family are royally screwed.

Oh yeah, what today, tomorrow, next week? You guys are so desperate it is sad…

I wonder if Trump will actual get a descent team. His past lawyers did him no favors.

Criminal activity by an unindicted co-conspirator who has committed multiple felonies to steal the election will have an accurate report highlighting all of the misdeeds committed by him and his family and his associates. Accept it.

Collusion was just a catch-all term for the multitude of crimes committed by these horrible, traitorous bastards.

Bunch of legal experts you all are with your “catch all” laws.

Correct. I am a legal expert. And these are not catch-all laws. These are actual laws and they were broken.

Fascinating, lol.

Indeed it is. The biggest crook ever to hold office is still being supported by people who don’t care about the law. Very fascinating.

I’m thinking Donald himself may be able to hold off any indictments until voters boot him out of office. Donald Jr., however, may be another story - as well as Jarvanka. It’s going to be interesting seeing how this plays out.

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Well they don’t care about the law right now. Wait and see who the next president is - they may suddenly start caring again.

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Great observation. Party over everything else. Including supporting a traitor to the nation. All because of the letter behind his nme.

Lol, can you imagine what they’d be saying if that letter was a D?

Donald Trump is trying to keep himself out of prison. And I’m mainly talking about state prison and not federal prison.

He must win against these federal charges so that he will still have backers when the States come after him. It’s pretty much do-or-die time for him to stay out of prison.

His kids, on the other hand, I think are already going to prison for tax evasion.

Did you chose willful ignorance about Hillary rather than seek the truth. Why? Is it to protect your fragile ego that you supported a crook running for President? Is it that you bought into the media lies after obama was elected that republicans would never be in power again?
I think the Mueller investigation with not find anything on Trump. There will be innuendo in there to appease the left but there will be nothing to charge Trump are his family with. It’s going to be very hard for people such as yourself who are so invested in all the fantasies that the media has filled your head with. And I do care that you have spend two years hating one man. It’s not good for a person to be so filled with hate.

this is going to age well

everyone remember this?