President Donald Trump Beefs Legal Team In Preparation For SCO Report

It looks as if the White House legal team has been staffing up in preparation for what will certainly end up being a damning (impeachable?) report on all of the misdeeds by Mr. Trump in regards to members of his campaign conspiring with Russia (Manafort sharing internal polling data with a Russian intelligence operative) and his Obstruction of Justice attempts (firing Comey to take the Russia investigation pressure off of him & asking Comey to take it easy on General Flynn)

How will it all play out? Likely with a lot of time in the courts. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, the Supreme Court has precedent that will work against him thanks to another Republican crook, Mr. Richard Nixon.

Well, I hope his new team is more hapful than his current team.

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I wonder where the money to pay all these lawyers is coming from.

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Out of my pocket and your pocket of course. Not only do we have to suffer a criminal as POTUS, but we have to finance his legal defense against his crimes.

we had posters here who donated money to Zimmerman’s legal defense. maybe they can contribute to President Trump’s (and his kids).

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They really should. I hate that we have to foot the bill. For a heartless bastard criminal.

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He is staffing up to take down the deep state.

That’s got to be it. Fascinating. Lol

Laughter is often a cover for fear, it is palpable.

Why does he need a legal defense team for that?

That’s the name you gave them.

What name do you give them?

NONE of it is illegal activity! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Of course It’s expected to be a damning piece of dung report from Mueller after 2 years and millions of taxpayer $$ Mueller is going to have to toss the TDS bunch a bone! Its all resistance, division, implication, and misinformation to fuel leftist hatred.

Is this were we are at? Its not illegal to collude with the Russians to win a Presidential election?

Where is collusion listed as a crime?

It’ll be conspiracy, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

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Oh, so now just make up new crimes since collusion was a lie?

It is time for Mueller and the DOJ to DRAG everyone associated with this lawless grifters administration.

CRUSH them.



Make sure they will be penniless for the rest of their lives.


It’s going to be so awesome seeing Fat Donnie face down, boot on his neck, and cuffs on his wrists.


Fat Donald and his â– â– â– â– â– â–  up family are going down. :smile:


Do the crime, do the time. It’s time for fat donald to face the music.