President Donald Trump Beefs Legal Team In Preparation For SCO Report


Perfectly stated!! They do deserve to die as a party. Relegated to the dustbin of history. A reminder of the dark period in our history.


No, I have no need to see Hillary in jail for her past illegal deeds. But by Comey letting her off the hook it opened my eyes to the fact that the good old boys club is alive and well in DC. I have no hate for Hillary and hope that she goes on to live a wonderful life. She is the one who will have to atone for her sins on judgement day.


While I appreciate you not supporting Trump, I personally am of the belief that until there is a real opposition party again, if you aren’t voting Democrat you are just as culpable for Trump’s rise.

This nothing personal against you, it’s my personal belief.


Has there been a trail that I’m unaware of. Court fillings are one thing. Proving the charges are another. Do we no longer assume people are innocent until proven in a court of law. You can believe what ever you want to happen but until there is a trail your just making up stories in your head.


Unindicted. Did you miss that part?

I believe the professionals of the SDNY. The same prosecutors appointed by Mr. Trump himself. They laid out the evidence. They have corroborating witnesses who have admitted in court to the conspiracy. They have corroborating evidence that proves the crimes. They read them into the record in a Federal Court. A Federal Judge reviewed everything and accepted their findings.

If you don’t want to believe these professional prosecutors, that’s your business. But those of us here in reality know he committed multiple felonies to steal the election.


Trump has two problems with this. The 1st is he’s horrible at hiring people. The 2nd is he’s the kind of client that is smarter than his lawyers and will eventually fire them all.


Why such hate for your fellow man? I just don’t get people that are so invested in a party that they hate people that believe different than them. It’s sad to watch.


This was my favorite story about Trump’s lawyers and him only hiring the best.


I don’t hate my fellow man. I despise horrible human beings that have no interest in being anything other than horrible human beings and trying to amass power for themselves and their fellow horrible human beings.

As for invested in a party, what does that mean? I’m not a Democrat. Lol

Surely you don’t think everyone who despises the bastard Trump, or the horrible people in the GOP that are complicit for him, is a Democrat do you?


Mueller knows everything.

And I’m sure this pollster had an axe to grind.


Isn’t that what the fundraising around the speech the other day was about?


False statements. Perjury.


These arent Trumps personal lawyers. These are hires for the White House Counsel’s office.

These are the lawyers who will be arguing Executive Privilege.

Taxpayers pay their salaries.


It appears that Karma is attempting to set a record.


Chickens coming home to roost.


More chickens, this one will publicly testify in front of congress on Feb. 7th.


so what manufactured crisis will cadet bone spur create to take the narrative away?


I made tge same response toy your similar post. Lol


I made the same response to your similar post. Lol


Username/viewpoint synergy.