Predict what will happen to the people including at least some from Stephen Colbert show arrested at Capitol last night, June 16th

The J6 cult of autocratic personality.

More compelling than the swami yogi.

Zero FBI mentors to lead the way.

No FBI…NO insurrection.

Long story short, no modern day POTUS gets a pass on mishaps captured on video like this. And note especially should Biden decide to run for re-election the poor optics of this one accidental fall on his bike will ultimately be seen by millions and millions of people on video and pictures throughout America and globally too.

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Presidents aren’t infallible deities no matter how much some people want them to be. They fall just like any mere mortal. Too bad some can’t get over the “optics” of being human.

Can only be failed…. Like children

Too bad for Biden indeed…

You are seemingly oversensitive, most of us seeing the video of #46 falling off his bicycle including me merely got a chuckle at the expense of Biden. Nothing more and nothing less…


That’s true. Remember the ■■■■ that the libs spewed on hapless Bush 43 when he walked off stage after giving a speech and found the door locked?

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how’s everyone dealing with insurrection day 2 trauma?

“J16” btw. second worst day since civil war


I think you have it backwards, no one fired on guards as the protesters were unarmed. However, one unarmed female protester was murdered in cold blood by one of “the guards.” Her name was Ashley Babbitt and she was a patriotic American Veteran.

Tucker Carlson is still apparently quite shaken up, check him out from last night during his monologue on his #1 viewed prime time cable show:


Too bad the people who entered the capitol by trespass for political purposes on Jan 6 don’t have a network where they can excuse their actions the way Colbert has to excuse the way his people entered the capitol by trespass for political purposes.


I see it reported that Colbert himself last night on his show attempted to somewhat trivialize the concerns and fact pattern of his staff breaching Capitol complex security.


I took up mountain biking during the first year of the pandemic. I’ve been over the bars twice so far.


How about any of you possibly sharing an example of a mishap on flat ground, i.e. already having one foot down on the pavement at a near full stop like Biden. I predict most anyone will have trouble recalling having the type of bike tumble much like America saw with #46 this past weekend. P.S. This was still a very funny video above all else.

I did it a month ago sitting at the start line for a race. Left foot down right one clipped in. Had to reach for something so tried to unclip and set foot down. I didn’t get it all the way out but had all ready shifted my weight and fell over. Everyone had a good laugh because we have all done it at one time if you ride enough. It was the first time in about 10 years for me since the last time.

I don’t ride clipless, but my two friends did - clipless is where your shoes attach to the pedals as opposed to the ‘clips’ like what biden had. Either way, the feet get connected ot the pedal.

They both have tumbles like that now and then. When you stop if you can’t get your feet out in time, you tip over.

Are you 79 years old with the responsibility of running the most powerful country in the world? A foolish risk for someone in his position and it shows irresponsible behavior. But then, irresponsible behavior seems to be his trademark.

Riding a bike is irresponsible?

What about golfing?