Predict what will happen to the people including at least some from Stephen Colbert show arrested at Capitol last night, June 16th

Yes, for a 79-year-old with his responsibilities riding a bike is irresponsible, as would be rock climbing, or downhill skiing. He could easily have ended up in the hospital. Although his handlers would never admit it, I’m sure he is ‘feeling it’ today. For an average retiree of that age that wants to bike then more power to them but not with someone with the responsibility of the presidency.

Golfing? Probably only a danger to others.

Yeah, days like that suck.:slightly_smiling_face:

Well, like I said, I don’t do clips for that very reason. Even seasoned riders occasionally have a mishap.

Thanks for sharing that fine example at your expense.

Also consider checking out this appearance of Dr. Seigel, another fellow bicyclist last night on Tucker Carlson show.

He raised the point that Biden’s might have a rigid-stiff “gait”?

In that context the good doctor also cited a 2017 study that cycling is just the right exercise to use for some patients diagnosed with cognitive issues including difficulties thinking, executive function and the like. If anyone can find this particular report cited please put it up…

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That’s crazy.

I do t know which is sadder. That Tucker takes up prime time with this silliness, that there is a doctor willing to play along or that people repeat this nonsense as if it’s noteworthy.

You got that right, even a little dose of our daily reality will likely do very little to discourage all the silliness on TV with Trump bashing and the like.


Tucker was hilarious… “Oh, the horror”! That odd part is seeing the left still lap up this same fake outrage that they did over fake Russian collusion. Jan 6th hearings are just fake news as usual.



don’t like having your narrative mocked?


Democrats think a two-tiered justice system is their birth right.

They are about to find out differently in the Mid-Terms.



How can my question be backwards? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Biking on a well-maintained paved bike trail amidst a Corp of Secret Service Agents is not irresponsible or a foolish risk for any healthy, relatively fit septuagenarian. Making more of this event than what actually happened (foot caught in toe clip) does not reflect well on those doing that. As I have said, there are numerous legitimate things to criticize Biden about that demonstrate his incompetence, but this is NOT one of them.


Liked: hear! hear!

What’s truly sad, is that that laws don’t apply equally to progressive Democrats as they do to their opposition, and those like you are absolutely fine with it. If you want to get Trump back in office in 2024, this type of imbalance is exactly how you do it.


For the average person that may apply but for someone with the responsibilities he has it was foolish, and the accident proves it. He was lucky he didn’t break a hip and end up in the hospital.

What next, a motorcycle?

How about if Biden’s team of top physicians insist he bikes for the overall good, including perhaps his cognitive health?

Seemingly not far fetched as Dr. Siegel does not rule out a possible gait issue with #46.
Again, check the good doctor of Fox out on Tucker Carlson about this:

We have been told that it was a perfectly safe activity, he was on a paved bike path, had security surrounding him and there was no danger.

Yet, he fell.

If anything, you should be applauding him for being so fit at his age. Spry old people are worthy of a little adoration. Besides, it’s the only thing he does that people on both sides of the political spectrum can admire in him.

My advice to you; stop being so petty and limit your criticisms to things that actually matter. There are so many to choose from.

And yet he was not injured. There is nothing to see here … move along.