Predict what will happen to the people including at least some from Stephen Colbert show arrested at Capitol last night, June 16th

Nothing is my guess, maybe a slap on the wrist.

P.S. Not holding out much hope any and all will be prosecuted anything close to the fullest extent of the law.


held indefinitely without charges and bail…

then again…

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Likely charged with unlawful entry… guilty plea to a slap on the wrist.

Just my bet.

They will either plead guilty or be convicted of unlawful entry.

Simple as that.

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They were going around banging on the doors of Republican congressmen. This would interfere with these congressmen carrying out government work. Seditious conspiracy? What did Colbert know and when did he know it.

Seriously, could anything be stupider than to do this in the middle of hearings centered around illegal trespass onto the Capitol building? It trivializes the whole hearing, which was trivial enough to begin with.
And if Democrats make light of this they make light of trespass into the Capitol building for political purposes.


oh my…

were any of them in heavy make up?

any murdered by trigger happy security?

Did AOC die again?


i can say without hyperbole that this is the worst day in American history


No, but she was afraid they wanted to “have their way” with her.



well, we all do want to date her

just for the conversation alone


This day? Today?

Jeez, you are very narrow minded.

Off the top of my head, I’d cite Gettysburg or Iwo Jima. Or D-Day.

not even jan 6?

i still remember it like it was yesterday

do you remember where you were?

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None of them were shot by the Capital Police???


No. 1/6 was bad, but the others (in my opinion) are worse.

Were any of them part of a violent mob?

I do. I was…somewhere in the United States. Probably this very house. I remember it well. The front door is a sort of reddish brown.

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So it’s a matter of scale.

As far as I know Stephen Colbert or Robert Smigel has not used the power of the office of the Presidency to attempt to overturn the results of an election that they new that lost, using a strategy that they knew was unconstitutional and fundraising millions of lying about it all.

I will be very surprised if any charges are brought against them.


They went around banging on doors of only one party. It was a political assault.
Of course two Capitol building invasions for political purposes are going to have differences.
Why are you defending these people?



Lady Justice wiped her ass with the blindfold and threw it away.