Predict it: How many votes in the senate against Trump's emegency declaration. (3-14-2019)



Hilarious. The current iteration of the GOP having a spine? You’re killing me. :wink:


Blunt a confirmed yes so we’re back up to 10 GOP senators.


I’m sure he is doing it out of pure partisanship and personal power preservation. He thinks he needs Trump to win reelection. I hope he is sent packing. Coward and traitor to the Constitution.


I really hope Sasse votes yes. Even though I disagree with him on a lot of things, I have a strange soft spot for him. Sadly while he talks a good game, he doesn’t usually follow that through with his voting- like a lot of cowardly GOP senators right now.


And here is the confirmation of my suspicion.


Yeah he is more afraid of being primaried than losing to a democrat. Probably a good political bet sadly.


Just curious. Does anyone know offhand how many of these 13 are up for reelection in 2020? Little harder to convince me they’re “gettin’ mavericky” if they’re safe when Trump is thrown out.


I’d be surprised if Sasse voted no, and frankly very disappointed in him. He preaches being a Constitutionalist. Let’s see if the rubber meets the road here or not.


My soft spot will completely disappear if he caves.


Him and Justin Amash are two of the only people left in Congress that I continue to hold out hope that with them, there is still a chance for our country. I don’t want the facade destroyed. :rofl:


Hmmm lets see…

Alexander but he is retiring.


Cory Gardner is up for reelection in 2020. I haven’t heard how he is going to vote on this.


I’m betting he votes against it. I think he’s already in trouble here in 2020, and he almost always votes with Trump anyway.


Yeah doesn’t look like he will vote for the resolution. This could definitely be a death knell for him- I bet he haaaates this vote.


Absolutely. Trump really screwed him bigly. Will likely be the reason, on the whole, that he is out of the Senate. Not just because of this vote, just because of the association with Trump in general, and CO trending very blue.


Just thinking about the 2020 election, the Senate is going to be very tight and will be deeply important for Supreme Court picks. Its quite possible that the Dems could pick up Colorado and Arizona, perhaps Maine. Outside shot at North Carolina. But Dems could easily lose Alabama. It will be close but I doubt the Dems retake it. We’ll see.


and the correct answer is 59



Neither senator from GA is voting for the block. I had contacted both offices to tell the staff I was in favor of the block, and that I would be watching the vote to determine how I would vote when they are up for reelection.


Gardner is toast no matter how he votes.


Sen. Susan Collins
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Sen. Mike Lee
Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Lamar Alexander
Sen. Mitt Romney
Sen. Pat Toomey
Sen. Jerry Moran
Sen. Rob Portman
Sen. Marco Rubio
Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Roger Wicker

Hmmm- no Sasse or Tillis but add in Rubio. Very disappointed in Sasse.