Predict it: How many votes in the senate against Trump's emegency declaration. (3-14-2019)


Somebody help me out here. Republican senators voting against Trump … is this an example of Trump’s astute deal making, or no? It’s unclear.


57 - 59


This is not a fun thread for them. But please find out why socialism and evil libs will destroy humanity in various threads.


It is good to see Rubio vote in favor of the resolution.


The only question is how much Trump will insult the rebellious 12. Tweets incoming!


Florida is a purple state. I don’t trust Rubio as much as I could throw him.


Denial would be when a professional tells you plainly something works but due to your hate of Trump, you’re in denial and believe YOU know better.


And the facade has died a little more today. :man_facepalming:


I win…


For every professional that the administration and DHS puts up, there are as many professionals that counter. Trump doesn’t give a rats ass about border security. This is all about a campaign promise.
One clue is that congress has asked the administration and DHS multiple times where exactly these wall sections would go. And they have also asked what military funds would be transferred to the wall project.
And so far they have got nada. That my friend should be a big red flag. And this vote is not at all about border security. Both democrats and republicans have voted for every border funding bill in the past. But these were reasonable bills that included personal, technology and barriers. Trump has been told that if he does not fulfill his campaign promises they will be used against him. Focus wall. Forget about having any kind of comprehensive plan that would include port-of-entry upgraded security, force E-Verify use and solve the visa overstay problem that accounts for about 40% of illegals being here. This isn’t denial. It is not swallowing Trump’s con, hook line and sinker.


I’ve researched the issue of illegal immigration extensively. A complete wall, even from sea to shining sea, is NOT going to stop illegal immigration. It’s a solution that will solve nothing. Again, bumper sticker slogans don’t fix real world problems. It’s mind numbing that anyone would think this is going to fix this real problem.


Precisely. Show me a wall, and I can show you a good business opportunity for someone in Mexico to ramp up production of ladders to climb over said walls. And, of course, there will be additional business opportunities for “boat tourism” as people seek that as a way around walls. Oh, and lets not forget those who could build tunnels over walls, and charge admission to the tunnels on the Mexico side.

A wall does indeed seem to be a good investment for creating new jobs and financial opportunities in Mexico.


Our leader has spoken.


I am sitting here in awe of his eloquence. :rofl:


It’s a waste of money all to make a certain segment of the populace “feel” better. And then, if a wall were built, and when it’s shown that we still have massive amounts of illegal immigration, they will move on to the next fear induced propaganda fed to them by those profiting off of their fear. I’m aghast at the notion of wasting more taxpayer dollars to help scared people feel a little better about their security.


Dear Spinless Republican Flunkies who couldn’t even manage a wheezing gasp of spinal fortitude to pretend you cared about the Constitution.

Screw You and when you sorry weasels lose every semblance of power I hope you get stuck as a Walmart greeter as every single History Book enshrines your spineless toadying form as the simpering loser you always were.

And to you that showed that barest hint of a spine, good work, but I still won’t forgive you.


There’s a reason the last congress, Republican-led, didn’t hold hearings on the issue of funding Trump’s campaign promise: they knew it would be exposed by experts as the idiotic boondoggle it would be.


Precisely. One of my siblings was so proud when they got a house with a gated driveway so that “no one could break in.” 6 months later, they arrived at their house to discover that someone had disabled the box where they entered their code to “open” the gate. They had then unscrewed the gate from the attached brick, driven up to the house, robbed them, and driven off.

So much for “security.” It was an awful lesson to learn.


I have listened to a multitude of Trump supporters in congress asked that question since Trump proclaimed the “national emergency”. And it is always the same response, “it just became a crisis”.
And you nailed it. Those same Trump supporters know that it is a bogus issue and so they never went forward with a bill.


Question for you, why didn’t Republicans address the wall issue when they had the clear majority for two years? I’ve asked this question to every trump supporter, but never get an answer.