Predict it: How many votes in the senate against Trump's emegency declaration. (3-14-2019)

  1. anyone else?



Raise your hands Rs…if you dare…your voters are watching very closely.


I’m going to say 55. I’m guessing most of the R’s will wimp out and kiss up to Trump.


They are reporting 12 R’s will vote against as of last night.


I hope the number is that high. They need to send a firm message to Trump that this is not OK.


Watch Trump go after each of them like he has done with McCain, Ryan and McConnell.


I’m going to go with 56…just so I can out bid you in today’s game of Price is Right.


I don’t believe the Republicans in the Senate have the stones to stand up to Trump enough to create a veto proof majority.


Yup, too many of them are running for re-election in Trump strong states.


O0o0o0o so scary.


That’s very true. Republicans who latched themselves to Trump in the 2018 midterms really got a sticker shock when they were ousted in large numbers.

Maybe those who oppose this emergency declaration will survive 2020.


……only to an R that raises their establishment hand.


It is now establishment to be a constitutionalist…LOL

The world according to Trump.



The perfect lib POV.


Not just mine…ask Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)



everyone voting against Trump is a lib…LOL

The world according to Trump.



You didnt predict a number. But then again you thought the R’s would hold the house in the midterms.



Anyone who does not recognize what’s happening at our southern border and taking actions that work against securing it, is a liberal, open border POV. Lee is simply exposing himself and this will NOT work well for him. Now that I’ve said this, observe for yourself.


These things used to go though congress. If there were a TRUE national emergency. everyone
would recognize it and it would breeze though congress.

you know like the fake news Iraq WMD war. the majority of congress bought into it and that was that,

Its a matter of selling it to congress and Trump just isnt that good of a salesman,



No my friend. This has been going on for decades and both sides know exactly what they’re doing to NOT stop this illegal invasion. Trump is the FIRST and ONLY President to actually take this matter seriously and attempt to do something about it. The Rs working against him, are simply exposing their establishment selves and hopefully…the 2020 election will spark their removal from both houses. Now raise your establishment hands Rs so that your voters can clearly identify you.


Doing something about it AKA circumventing the constitution of the United States that he took an oath to protect. so much for solemn vows for this President.