Predict it: How many votes in the senate against Trump's emegency declaration. (3-14-2019)


Lee will easily win his next Senate race. It will work out just fine for him.


Anyone who believes in wasteful spending (which the wall is) is a liberal.


Forty five


what? 15 democratic senators vote “present”. LOL



So you think that no Republicans will vote against Trump’s emergency declaration. Additionally, you believe that 2 Democrats will vote to uphold it…or at the least, abstain?

That is a bold prediction.


Republican senators dont like it that President Trump put them in this situation.

another vote in August. rinse and repeat.



I’ll go with 58.



Yes, your voters who only pretend to care about small government, except when their representatives actually have an opportunity to actually do it, are watching very closely, Rs!


I’ll go with 57.


So McConnell is a liberal open border. Paul Ryan? Open border. Remember when they worked against border security in 2013, for no other reason than to deny Obama a victory?


That’s my pick. And clearly, from the Manafort sentencing guesses, I’m not very good at this. So you may want to rethink your guess.


I’ll go with 52.

Most R’s are too chicken to vote against Trump.


Emergencies typically require quick actions… How long do you estimate it will take to “build the wall”?

  1. Hey a man can hope right?


I think it’s going to be equal to the number of states: 57


It’s interesting that you believe Republican voters don’t care about the Constitution. It’s certainly true of most Trump supporters. But part of why I was aligned with the GOP for so many years was because I felt they believed more in adhering to the Constitution than the Democrats. I guess that time has now passed. What a shame.


It’s so stupid. Trash the Constitution in order to spend tax dollars on a wall that will do nothing to stop the problem that is real and needs addressed. That you think Trump’s desire to build a big monument to his Presidency means he is actually doing something to prevent illegal immigration says more about you and your sources of information than anything else.

Knowledge is power. Real world problems aren’t resolved by bumper sticker slogans and wasting taxpayer money, or by trashing the very foundation our country was built upon. Which is appropriations rest with the Legislstive Branch and NOT the Executive Branch.


My prediction is 55


Looks like Mitt Romney is voting against it. Which means that it will pass.