Predict it: How many votes in the senate against Trump's emegency declaration. (3-14-2019)


Here’s who I have who will vote for the resolution.

Lamar Alexander

Who else will join them?


Yeah…I know. Now tell that to the border agents who say you are full of it.

Back then, Border Patrol agent Jim Henry says he was overwhelmed by the stream of immigrants who crossed into the United States illegally just in that sector.

“It was an area that was out of control,” Henry says. “There were over 100,000 aliens crossing through this area a year.”

Today, Henry is assistant chief of the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector. He says apprehensions here are down 95 percent, from 100,000 a year to 5,000 a year, largely because the single strand of cable marking the border was replaced by double – and in some places, triple – fencing


Location, location, location.


Confirmation bias is real and is part of the problem as to why this issue is not going to be resolved. Building a stupid wall will do nothing…I repeat…NOTHING…to stem the tide of illegal immigration into our nation. It is a solution that solves nothing. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars. And the current attempt to circumvent the appropriations power of Congress is flat-out UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Something that used to matter to people around here.


I believe that the National Emergencies Act of 1976 is unconstitutional.


Well, by this definition, Trump would be a liberal. He thinks a silly little wall is going to solve the illegal immigration problem - and he’s bypassing the constitutional method of appropriations to do so.


Martha McSally who was appointed Senator by our Governor after she lost to Kyrsten Sinema has announced that she is going to vote in favor of Trump’s national emergency declaration. Now I know that I made the right decision in voting for Sinema for Senator.


Kelly is gonna rip her a new one.



The resolution will get 60 votes.


Dang- ain’t she up for reelection in 2020?


Does this have the one time provision allowing trump his one emergency?

If so it dies in the house. Ill go with 59 because they know it dies


Yes, she is in 2020. And I will likely vote for her Democratic opponent again.


…vs living in denial.


Denial would be thinking that a campaign slogan that fits on a bumper sticker is going to solve a real world problem.


Senator Rob Portman has recently announced that he is going to vote in favor of the resolution.


How many votes are we at now?


Confirmed yes votes:

Sen. Susan Collins
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Sen. Mike Lee
Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Thom Tillis
Sen. Lamar Alexander
Sen. Mitt Romney
Sen. Pat Toomey
Sen. Jerry Moran
Sen. Rob Portman

Fence sitters:

Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Ben Sasse
Sen. Roger Wicker

They won’t get to 67 but they are going to get to the high 50’s and maybe even 60. Thats a pretty strong rebuke.


Tillis just flipped on the floor. Coward.


Certainly, the twelve who have voiced support for Mike Lee’s proposal to change emergency powers legislation, should at least vote against the current overreach. If they posess a spine, that is.


Ha- I doubt he will lose his seat over it in North Carolina- but it will make it more interesting. His democratic challenger will undoubtedly make a lot of hay over this vote.