Police cuff and pepper spray a 9 year old girl

They would get Child Protection Services called on them and at a minimum lose temporary custody of the child until an investigation is completed. Worse case is you’d go to jail and permanently lose custody

You going to answer? Was the child under arrest? If they were taking her to a hospital, is handcuffed in a police car the proper mode of transport?

What would the cops do if they drove by and saw me doing it?

How would the “investigation” go?

You would go to jail without passing go.

Was she under arrest?

Why? On what charge?

BS…they easily could have pulled her into the car from the other side. What if this girl had been asthmatic and died from being pepper sprayed? Seriously…wth! :rage:

They had no business putting her in the car on the first place.

If it was in California at least one of the charges would be Child Endangerment

Is this the demon child in question? She looks dangerous.

Would I be guilty of it?

It would appear that they can, we can’t.

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Where ■■■■ are the social workers?


I wouldn’t. There is no way in hell I would ever handcuff a 9 year-old child and spray that ■■■■ in their face.

And what I don’t get is why anybody in this country accepts strangers in a costume doing what I would rightfully be thrown in jail for. I honestly don’t get it.

Child abuse is child abuse no matter who does it. This was an intentional, premeditated act. Adrian Petersen had more of an excuse.


That does appear to be the case You can’t properly enforce the law of you’re expected to abide by it.


That is an outstanding point! Repressive tolerance goes both ways. Think about all the rights we’ve given up to the police and judiciary for the illusion of “order”.

It’s pathetic.

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This is one of those times that I’m in total agreement with you

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This situation was a perfect example of a lot of valid criticism of policing.

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I dunno man, that kid could’ve known karate. lol

You know what it was, they wanted to go eat. Again.