Police cuff and pepper spray a 9 year old girl

Who is the adult?

It’s a 9 year old girl! How freaking ridiculous.

Not at all.

Then you’re kidding yourself.

It was @Scratch’s suggestion. Talk to him.

Anyone that can’t put a 9 year old having a temper tantrum into a squad car without using pepper spray isn’t fit to be a officer of the law.


Hurry and pepper spray her!!!


Maybe, but the fact is, the kid was resisting vigorously, something had to be done to get her to comply.

What should be done to a parent who handcuffs and pepper sprays their own child to discipline them?

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Resisting vigorously!!! Every kindergarten teacher in America is rolling their eyes

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Don’t under estimate the physicality of a rampaging 9 year old. It is very difficult to subdue them manually without causing physical harm.

Every teacher in America is rolling their eyes. Maybe every American.

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No. It is not.

Cute, but not even remotely the same situation.

They could have whipped out an iPhone with Yoshi’s Crafted World installed and she would have complied just fine.

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So what would a kindergarten teacher done?

Open question.

If I handcuffed my 9 year-old son and sprayed him in the face because he wouldn’t get in the car, what should happen to me?

Resisting what?

You can ask the same question for any comparable action performed in the line of duty by police.

Being put into the back of the squad car. Surely you read the story …