Police cuff and pepper spray a 9 year old girl

“You’re acting like a child,” one officer yells at the child.

“I am a child!” the girl screams back."

And some wonder why people don’t like cops. Cops can’t get a 9 year olds legs in a car without pepper spray?


“[The officer] made a decision there that he thought was the best action to take. It resulted in no injury to her,” he told reporters. “Had they had to go and push further, and use more force, there’s a good chance she could have been hurt worse.”

My question is who called the cops on a 9 year-old girl?

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Mazzeo added: “It’s very very difficult to get somebody into the back of a police car like that. And she’s nine years old. Imagine what happens when we have a full grown individual.”

Was it a full grown individual, Union Boy?

Where were they taking her?

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By doing what? Tasing her? Beating her into submission? Conking her on the head into unconsciousness? Shooting her?

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The story implies that it was her mother or another family member concerned for the safety of the mother.

To a local hospital according to an article I read.

Come on man.

From a 9 year-old?

Spare the rod, spoil the child. Samuel Butler, Hudibras.

It’s the fault of society and the parents.

Seriously … what were their options?

Pick up her legs and put them in the car. She’s 9!


Very likely, but have you ever read the newspaper police activity section in a small town? Its amazing what people call the cops about when it comes to domestic disputes.

It was a temper tantrum, not a “domestic dispute”.

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Cops have to be just as careful about manhandling a 9 year old girl as any other thing they do. Besides, they probably didn’t want to be kicked in the face.

Stop resisting!..I guess they could of shot her, since she wasn’t following orders and all…

That’s on her, not the cops.

I.guess they could of shot her, since she wasn’t following orders and all…

Yeah, much safer to cuff her and spray her in the face.

Are you kidding me?

She is 9. It is absolutely “on the cops”


Kind of puts pepper spray into perspective, don’t it.