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It’s the great tangent at work.


It is absolutely a fact that, 4 days after Trump donated 25k to Pam Bondi, she declined to become involved in the Trump U prosecution despite numerous complaints to her office, then he paid her for her service by hiring her to work for him in various capacities while he was president. You can pretend this never happened, or isn’t corruption, but it’s literally an actual corrupt thing that happened. And he did it so brazenly that his supporters don’t even care. Because he ran with a special letter after his name. And it just keeps going from there, but MAGAs don’t care. He can do no wrong and the Biden Crime family is going to be the end of this country.

What context do you think makes that quote less damning? Trump ADMITS to being involved in corrupt pay for play/influence peddling and recognizes he was part of that system. So then…we’re supposed to what…trust that very same guy to fix it? Take his solemn vow that he’s no longer corrupt and will work for us and no longer do that…after having spent a life time doing it?

What context did I leave out that makes the full quote better?

I’m simply trying to find out why you don’t hold ALL corruption to the same standard. If Trump’s corruption (that he admitted) can’t even be acknowledged or held to account, then it’s just hyperventilating gaslighting for MAGAs to whine about the “Biden Crime Family” so vehemently.

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Could have saved a lot of space and just typed I support the old pervert.


Jbiden has a proven track record of being a liar, a plagiarist and selling his office to the highest bidder. You just don’t care because you will support the man you voted for no matter what the GOP proves.

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If Biden is gotten rid of before the election it will be by the democrats behind the scenes…Hunter gets indicted….polling grows more dismal…the southern border gets totally overrun post title 42…issues of the obvious corruption of this family are unearthed….he continues to decline mental land physically…

There aren’t the votes in the senate to impeach that bought and paid for Chinese stooge…but if the wheels come off the Biden wagon would anyone really be surprised if his handlers get him in a room give him some ice cream and tell him he’s done.

To be honest I seriously wonder how long they can hide his decline. That coupled with the revelations of his family’s corruption and his complete idiot vice president…

If anyone dumps Biden it will be the democrats.

(Does that mean the Dems best option would be Gavin newsom with his great hair and record of governing a state that should be a monument to success but in reality is losing citizens…there’s a record to run on!)



Laughable commentary needs to be laughed at.

This forum and the democrat party is loaded with”but trumper’s” who have nothing else to stand on.

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Or we could point at you and say if you think what trump did was so bad why aren’t you condemning the old pervert instead of running cover for him. Be consistent. Instead, all we hear from you is more TDS and trump supporter hate.

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Maybe you are looking at this the wrong way. Nothing happened to Trump, nothing will happen to Biden. And it will be MAGA’s turn to suffer the bitter disappointment

If there’s nothing there, why is the WH in a panic? Why won’t Jbiden answer questions? Why is Jbiden hiding from the media? Why is Hunter hiring attorneys if he has nothing to worry about?

Why has Hunter been living in the WH? Is he the one calling all of the shots? Destroying our country to save his own neck? Jbiden said Hunter was the smartest person he knew. :laughing: The stupidest people have to be running the country considering the mess it’s in.


If the Clintons had been indicted and charged for their lawlessness, the Bidens would not have had the courage to do their filthy lawless deals and our country would not have been sold off like a giant flea market to the highest bidder and turned into one big sanctuary city.

The Bidens are in a class all by themselves.

The Trumps are so far above them morally that there is no comparison.

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Actual evidence


Wait a minute…do you guys realize when these supposed influence peddling payments were made?

They were made while Biden was not holding a political office! This whole bombshell hinges on a time when Biden had no political influence. They are being tossed red meat and like good little disciples they nod along with glee. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

With that being said, if Hunter or Joe are proven to be guilty with ACTUAL evidence, indict them and throw the book at them. I think the end result will be more MAGA tears and whining about the two-tiered justice system. We’ll find out tomorrow. :grin:

Sums it up nicely. :+1:

Disgusting. Party before country is obviously the Dems Motto.

It’s amazing that after decades of calling everyone on the other side the most corrupt ever, the insert dem name crime family and none of it ever actually panning out, the sky screaming persists. Always.

The defense of it is not much better mind you but still.


We will see what Mr. Comer has to say tomorrow…

If he comes out and blows a bunch of smoke then he probably should have stayed home.

Nancy Mace who is on the oversight committee said this morning that in 100 days that committee has uncovered an historic amount of material damning of the Biden family. Not just Hunter…that we are talking about millions of dollars being distributed to multiple members of the Biden family.

There’s a whistle blower claiming Joe took money when he was vp to influence policy. Hunter was riding with him when he was vp to China on Air Force 2….there are multiple photos and emails on the laptop connecting Joe to hunter’s business partners while he was vp…so whichever lib it was peddling the “this all happened while he was a private citizen” crap.

No it didn’t that’s just nonsense. Joe Biden has apparently been selling influence to the highest bidder for decades. Term limits anyone?

I’m very curious to see what we learn tomorrow.


can you believe they pretend like he’s not a criminal loser crackead?

they actually believe “50 intel agents” etc

what a world


Hunter continued the dealing, selling the Biden name and that hinged on the name, Joe Biden. Foreigners do not give that kind of money for free. They got our secrets in exchange. Joe was the only one who had access to our secrets out of the Biden family. I don’t think time matters when acts of treason occur.

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Just think of all the things …

Mutilating children’s bodies in grade school
Men in women’s locker room
A completely non existent southern border
A president of the United States who makes a big speech about how the children are all our children while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the existence of his own granddaughter
All the lies that have been easily and publicly disproven about Biden and his relationship to hunter’s overseas influence peddling
Pre dawn guns drawn raid on the homes of peaceful Americans who’s only crime was prayingnin front if an abortion clinic…
Government making our lives more expensive and more difficult courtesy of a slew of random bureaucratic dictates re: the climate change lie
District attorneys in crime ridden cities acting more like public defenders than prosecutors
An 80 year old man who can’t put a sentence together bumbling his way through the most destructive presidency of our lifetimes while evidence mounts that he and his family have been collecting millions of dollars from our foreign adversaries to do their business…not the business of the American people…

(Some lib will now ask why I hate America ask why I keep dredging up the argyle bargle whatever that is)

You know what all of that destruction of our country has in common…

Liberal democrats.

All of it.


yep. it’s sickening, really.