Please donate…Hunter Biden needs you!

Liberal Democrats are the single greatest threat to freedom and Democracy in this Republic as it was founded in our history.

But hey…Donate to Hunter’s legal defense fund because…the little girl he fathered is way to expensive and discovery might reveal all kinds of nasty stuff about the “Family” business.


He must still be to busy.

Our current president is one of those people, pretty ■■■■■■■ sad!

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The Biden’s are in every way disgusting human beings.

Sorry libs….

What a sick collection of frauds you folks voted for.

The pretense of them being good people, every day Joe, “America’s children are all of our children”…I guess except your own granddaughter courtesy of your crackhead son right Joe.

What a bunch of lying pukes.

Bought and paid for lying pukes.


So much cranky.

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