Peter Strzok Returns For Testimony

Maybe not. I do know she does not want to jeopardize her bar standing. I am sure she was smart and only divulged what she absolutely had to and in the most general terms. strzok should have done the same

The GOP has to play the hand they are dealt WRT Russian collusion and Trump.

Where did you watch the proceedings?

They were closed.

What a dumb and pointless post. Not surprised.

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How were you “sure” about what happened?

Not sure that is entirely accurate. As she no longer works for the FBI the only thing she wouldn’t be allowed to divulge as any classified material that she knew at the time of her departure.

As sure as I can be about the conduct of a lawyer before Congress. I guess it is possible she comported herself otherwise. Strzok should have got some pointers.

Just checking. You know nothing about it went.

Or, you know, they could put the welfare of the nation ahead of some partisan desire to protect their own power. And not try to destroy our Law Enforcement institutions in the process.

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I don’t believe that is accurate. My understanding is that she would still be required to adhere to current guidance from the FBI when discussing matters relating to her time with the Bureau.

Let’s see how the entire Mueller act plays out first.

I am in no hurry.

Or she is rolling over on Strzok

I considered this, but that would be too good to wish for.

I am going with her playing it smart and close to the vest.

He aint lying.


Ouch. The butthurt oozes from this one. Getting slapped so hard has hurt your fragile go.

You could very well be right, I imagine the manual for an FBI job is an encyclopedia thick.

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Possibly. But also doubtful.

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I very well could be mistaken as well. But I’ve had some personal interaction with retired agents, and it seems this is what I recall from discussion with them. :slight_smile: