Peter Strzok Returns For Testimony

Here is the opening statement by Peter Strzok to both the House Committee on the Judiciary and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

This will be public, which is what Strzok wanted from the beginning. It is also odd that the Democrats and Strzok both want his last testimony transcript to be released, but the GOP is refusing. Why do they not want the public to know what he said before? What is the GOP trying to hide?

My guess is that he blew some holes in their conspiracy theories, and it was made clear that their end goal here is not actually oversight. Rather, it is to run interference in the Mueller investigation and to undermine our nation’s Law Enforcement Institutions. All in the name of protecting Donald Trump of all people.

What say you?

I’ll be listening in.

In his first public comments, he concluded his prepared remarks with a pointed broadside against his antagonizers.

“I understand we are living in a political era in which insults and insinuation often drown out honesty and integrity,” Mr. Strzok planned to say, continuing: “I have the utmost respect for Congress’s oversight role, but I truly believe that today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.”

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I couldn’t agree more with him here either.

Your " opinions " are duly noted.

Yes, we expect no less from a deep state never Trumper.

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Anybody who wants to watch it had better be watching FOX. MSNBC and CNN have decided not to cover it. I guess they have more important stories to cover. CNN is reverting to the three week old “migrant crisis” and MSNBC is interviewing some nit wit calling Trump a blowhard. This is exactly why FOX is the most important news network. Without them we would only get news that is DNC approved. Only one point of view would be tolerated.

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I get to be a part of the deep state now? That’s AWESOME! Do I get a t-shirt or a hat? Maybe a decoder ring? When is the next meeting? Who are the other members of this super elite cabal?

Ugh, do I have to don a tinfoil hat to attend?

LMAO… Who is watching news mid-day on a Thursday?

Lol Nebraska’s part of the Deep State!


Old people!


You think someone needs access to cable TV to catch the hearing?

I like how you people just use “deep state” for anyone with a core set of principles who hasn’t tossed away their integrity because they decided liberal tears were more important than America’s health.

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LMAO. Change the subject to me. How unoriginal. How lame. What time would be acceptable for you for someone to watch a news story? Would midnight on a Wednesday be okay for you Captain Obvious? Bottom line. No FOX. No media coverage. Not even CSPAN.

Thank God for FOX. Right?

I would think it is an honor, but of course no one can name a single other member of this super-secret-elite club. Wait…maybe I’m the only one. Yes, that has to be it.



I merely pointed out that without FOX, there would be no coverage.


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…and all the while, this entire circus perpetrated by the anti-Trump, Russian collusion scam, and been driven by their “insults and insinuation.”

It’s the same old crap from the left, accuse your political enemies of doing exactly what you are guilty of doing.