Peter Strzok Returns For Testimony

How declared justice done when he pardoned the Hammonds.

That’s is a defense of Trump.

The only question is how you’re going to try to explain it away.

Not sure he’d be my first choice for the nominee, mostly because of his age for at least a four year term, but if he was the nominee, he’d have my vote.

Well, by creating a soup where words don’t mean words and swimming in it all night long.

That’d be my guess.

You**. not how.

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It looks like the GOP learned their lesson from their clown show yesterday and won’t be repeating the same mistake by trying the same kabuki theater with Page that they tried with Strzok.

…or being a lawyer she was forthright and polite to the questioners.

You don’t know many lawyers.


That’s not defending him. That is a simple statement of fact.

:rofl: You think it would have mattered to me if Clinton had pardoned them?

Ah, the lexical soup inspired by WildRose.

He’ll swim in that for days.

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Uh huh. She would have had the same restrictions as Strzok from the FBI.

More likely the internal polling for the GOP showed that yesterday didn’t play well for them all. And would play even worse if they were badgering a woman the same way they did a man yesterday.

None of this is about oversight or seeking the truth. This is nothing more than an absurd political show.

Maybe not. I do know she does not want to jeopardize her bar standing. I am sure she was smart and only divulged what she absolutely had to and in the most general terms. strzok should have done the same

The GOP has to play the hand they are dealt WRT Russian collusion and Trump.

Where did you watch the proceedings?

They were closed.

What a dumb and pointless post. Not surprised.

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How were you “sure” about what happened?

Not sure that is entirely accurate. As she no longer works for the FBI the only thing she wouldn’t be allowed to divulge as any classified material that she knew at the time of her departure.