Peter Strzok Returns For Testimony

I think what you actually mean to say is that you just don’t see it. I expected that.

No. Liberals don’t know what the word means anymore.

Oh, I see. Thanks for playing.

OK, the republicans are a DANGER TO THE REPUBLIC.

There ya go girl. They’ll love ya now.

Amazing contortions. Strozk is a bad person and bad FBI guy. Even his policy was bad.

And you defend him.

Not true at all.

What did I defend?

What’s not true?

Strozk is a horrible person. In fact he is pig dung.

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True. So is Trump. You defend him though.

So far you are wrong

If Biden wants to run he has my vote

Me too. +10

Collusion gimps don’t believe anything will happen to trump, but they sure do love the ongoing “investigation”.

Makes you wonder.

I have never defended Trump. Not once.

Here’s one example.

his presidential pardon of the arsonists.

trey gowdy spent years investigating hillary.

when can we expect him to release all his private texas form those years,just so we can make sure he had no bias…