Pelosi Home Break In

It appears that this story is being aggressively disappeared.

I don’t see how withholding the public information is at all legal.

Let’s keep the discussion on the lack of security and the cover up.


What jumps out to me is the lack of imagery of any kind.

Even a sympathetic photo of Paul Pelosi being released from the hospital.

Is Nancy back in DC? When does she go back?

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Yes its a cover up. They pretended he was in hospital or if he was it was just a ruse. But of course they managed to get to all the staff and made them swear to secrecy.

Looks like she was with Paul from Saturday to Wednesday.

Pretty good article.

as was obvious from the start, what they really know is not being reported, ultimately

what is also obvious is when too much info comes out, when “journalists” slip up and report too much truth, the stories are retracted. i’m sure due to pressure from people in power


You don’t know.

I don’t know.

Information isn’t being released.


Even the record of the perp.

Authorities have also withheld details about DePape’s criminal history, although court filings indicate he does have one.

Jenkins’ office wrote that he was “convicted of other crimes for which consecutive sentences could have been imposed but for which concurrent sentences are being imposed.”

Nancy did spend 30 minutes in her video talking midterm election.

I think she will not give another press conference with questions.

when she was asked what people can do to prevent such attacks she just says “vote”



Why would anyone ask her what can be done to prevent such attacks? She obviously doesn’t have a freakin’ clue.

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Of course she said that. She is a politician, show me a politician of any stripe that at election time would not want to use every opportunity to get a go vote message into any question they are asked.

Yet millions of people listen to her and you are stuck on a message board with a handful of posters at best.

Same for all of us who bitch and moan about politicians. Hmm maybe I should run for a local office. :thinking:

:rofl: That is some… “logic” right there.

By that “reasoning”, one should listen to Trump about election security and Taylor Swift on relationships.


LOL now that made me laugh. Sounds about right with the way so many think today.

The slimiest of snakes made a claim with no video or audio proof, a week before their party gets slaughtered at the polls, a week after the hubby shows what a national embarrassment he is, in the midst of millions of people talking about the rampant Insider Trading they partake in to enrich themselves while others go to prison for the same crimes.



“Vote like your life depends on it because it does”
Lee Zeldin - gop candidate for governor.

Mmmm mmm mmmm

Excellent graphics, clear explanation - the headline says it all. No paywall- it’s my gift to you.

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Guys don’t worry. This is not going to effect the coming red wave one iota. Just get ready to defend the visionlessness as “getting out of the way “ of the private sector

no rhanks


As I expected.

repeated failures of journalism - but republicans fault

good job nyt. i’m sure you’ll get many to buy this nonsense