Paulie Manafort's bad day


You guys voted for Ted Cruz? That’s a bit surprising. How do you guys feel about him now?


I knew you wrote in McMullin, but I didn’t know about Cruz in the Primary. Small world my friend.

You must be next in line to be called an Obama loving lib too. :joy:


I still vote for him as senator! Beto is a mistake waiting to happen in texas.


Carson was my 2nd choice. It was very close between the 2 for me


My apology for rushing to judgement, just when you dont say anything bad about someone, i assume you are in favor of them. I was wrong.


:rofl: rebel media.

Man Smyrna we have really observed your decline these past couple years.


I’m a bit disappointed he got behind Trump - I wish he had stood his ground


Only reason “some” libs supported Cruz was because they knew he couldn’t beat Hillary.

Don’t be fooled.


Carson was too nice of a man for peoples liking it seemed. Thats why I liked him most, he was the anti establishment guy I was hoping for.


So my wife voted for Ted Cruz cuz shes liberal? Cmon man. My sister in law was a Cruz or bust gal, and shes no liberal. Only thing she liked about Trump was the Gorsuch thing.


I was proud to vote for him in the Primary. When he decided to bend a knee and kiss the ring of the man who made fun of his wife’s appearance and accuse his dad of being in on the JFK assassination, I lost a ton of respect for him. I was raised to be proud and stand up for family. And if you say one wrong word about my family, especially my wife or children, be prepared to back it up.

My screen name and avatar is not just about my personal love as a mere fan of Nebraska’s Football team. My two brothers each stand at 6’6" and 6’8" respectively, and in their hey-days were 275-290lbs each. I’m the biggest of the three of us. :wink:


No just more evidence of Trump hiring the best ■■■■■■■■■■■■ people.


According to Conan, you’re a lib! now.


“Like Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign,” the president told reporters at the White House.
“You know, Paul Manafort worked for me for a very short period of time . . . He worked for me, what, 49 days or something. Very short period of time.”


LOL you could back up the Joe Biden statement of beating t hem up behind the gym huh? lol


You know what, no worries. Thanks! Good form. :+1:


When I am wrong, I admit it. Part of being a southerner.


or my wife is, or something to that effect.


Back in my younger days, yes, and would relish it. But I don’t believe in violence against my fellow man. As a Born Again Christian, I have sought a better path in life. Prayers over punches.


Many blessings to you brother! Saving souls and Backdoor Barbecue is the way to go.