Paulie Manafort's bad day

We should start getting news about Paulie’s bad day.

Will post updates as they come

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Wasn’t even expecting this one:

Bad day gone badder.

Person A. Konstantin Kilimnik, indicted with Manafort.

Witch Hunt! No collusion! No obstruction! Only the Democrats, Hillary, Obama, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, and Jeff Bezos!

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Stop! Muellertime.


Can’t touch this.


pew pew pew

Trump will send out a tweet pretty soon promising to pardon this idiot.

I hope Paul is sitting outside right now enjoying the birds and the sky. Taking in that fresh air.

I wouldn’t say using a Russian intelligence officer for witness tampering was his worst idea.

Manafort was just the covfefe boy.


darn-it, I’m time traveling again… I thought his bail revocation hearing was happening today when I made this thread,

Amy Berman Jackson, has announced a hearing for next Friday, June 15

and then the new indictment surprised me

It would be nice to know who persons “D1” and “D2” are. But we’ll all know eventually.

This charge certainly has a lot of “collusion” to it.

No it’s all fine. Clearly Manafort stopped working with the Russian intelligence operative in April 2018. Ancient history.

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Would that be witness tampering or obstruction of justice if Manafort had something on trump?

I don’t think he will issue pardons until there is a verdict and a sentence. If he pardons at this stage, won’t that prevent Manafort from being able to plead the 5th?

Maybe I am wrong. Not a lawyer. I thought that if you can’t be sentenced then you also cannot have any concern over self-incrimination.

This is correct, as far as I understand.

I think a more likely path is for Trump to quickly pardon people who were convicted but that demonstrated loyalty to him throughout the investigation and any trial. It sends a message to others that if you remain loyal and don’t turn, you won’t suffer.

Good point.