Paulie Manafort's bad day


I despise Clinton but live life based on facts instead conspiracies!


That is not what I said.

I said “some” libs supported Cruz knowing he couldn’t beat Hillary.

I should have said pretended to support Cruz. :wink:

I liked Cruz but I knew he couldn’t beat Hillary. I though my support behind Trump early because I seen the fall of blue wall with his nomination.

That and for other nefarious reasons is why I supported Trump…and he hasn’t disappointed me. :wink:


Eh it is what it is at this point, I voted , and beyond that there is nothing I can do about it.


I do feel Trump is getting railroaded by the MSM, some of which he brought on himself. The policies dont bother me as much as his bluster at times, I have to shake my head sometimes. You take the good with the bad. Im most proud that Obama is crying that his legacy is now gone.


We’ve found an area of agreement. :wink:


Trump can be rough around the edges…but lot of it is nothing more then smoke screen.

He wants libs to be focused on his hands. While the real magical act is being done behind the scene.

And you know what’s even more funnier. Lbs continue falling for it. As long as they do, Trump will keep doing it. :wink:


Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
The treasonus downslide of the Trump machine is quite a sight to behold.


You got conned. Just admit it
Halftime scoreboard say.
Mueller 63
Trump 0


I was undecided between Cruz and Trump up to the time of the primary (not that it wasn’t already decided by then). I wanted Cruz more as President but was pretty sure Cruz would have slim chances in states like Michigan that would be necessary to win this election.


Tackle or guard?


Did you vote Trump in the Primary? I don’t know if I’ve ever asked.


I remember having my debates with my follow conservatives.

But I see the power to be had to be interrupted.

If Hillary had won, game over.

We dodged a major bullet this time around, next time we won’t be lucky.

That’s why these libs must never…and I mean never again regain power.

Because once they do their going to want blood…and We The People will pay that price.


I did vote for Trump, based on the issues (pretty much the same as Cruz) but, as I said, I thought he had some slim chance of winning the general but Cruz had none.


Primarily DT. But in some 3-4 NT as well. I liked the Defensive side of the ball. And with a big body came some big hits. But it has also come with some big, bad knees. :man_facepalming:


Fair enough. I never knew. Thanks for sharing.



it’s like you’re a cartoon character trying so hard to be more cartoony


I had you pegged on the other side of the ball, for some reason. Best of luck with the knees. I wish you comfort.

Playing ball in the big 10 is no trivial athletic feat. My hat’s off to you.

I have to go back to my athletic heydey in high school when I almost made the JV cross country team.


Libz must never rafain power…because they actually will lock up a lot of Republicans for actual crimes and actually corruption.

That’s all that is being said there.


Don’t cry lib.


You’d like have me pegged even more if you saw me today. Age and losing weight are tough to reconcile. My wife likes to tell me that it just means there is more of me to love, and my love is big enough to share with many. :joy:

And thank you, sincerely. I would not go back and change a thing either. Even with the uncomfortableness I have to deal with today. It was worth every second, and is the reason I have the lovely wife and family I have today.

It was many decades ago, I was blessed with a big body, a little athleticism, and a genuine love of hitting people. What these kids are doing today, now that is a real feat. I don’t know, even with my size, if I could compete in today’s world with these athletes. Many of us could not from back in the day. Their speed and agility is something to behold. Their training is exponentially better as well. The nutrition and health knowledge they possess. It continues to impress me.


That’s amazing.