Paulie Manafort's bad day


I still say this is one of the funniest pics of a Trump staff member…


Yep. That was one of the biggest mistakes of the Obama Presidency.


Things that make you go hmmmmmm…


I didn’t even know Paulie was an attorney.

Lawyer oughtta know better than to do what he did. Hell, any person who considers himself an American would know better.

Anywhoooo, no more lawyerin’ in Paulie’s future.


Hopefully it’ll be a long time before he gets out.


The transcript should be released soon. Unfortunately, it’ll consist of mostly redacted material.


M13! Can it be better than D13? One thing’s for sure, it’ll be light years more impactful than D5!


D5 sure was a real bummer.


Oh, man. What a letdown. So much anticipation.

I was more enthused during the Super Bowl halftime show.


I don’t know…D13 was one of the biggest days ever.


I’m comin’ round to your point of view, I think.

Yeah, I had some initial hopes for M13 to compete, but D13 was HUGE.

Also, M13 is a Wednesday. We know based on experience that the biggest days in this whole thing happen on Fridays, so it’s unlikely that M13 will be able to put together the type of portfolio or broad spectrum of goodness that made D13 what it was.


Maybe they’ll delay it till the 15th.


Wasn’t there a J date when something big was supposedly going to go down?





Please, please, please.


And the Ides of March.







It would be perfect!


I think there was. @WeedHopper might remember.


Actually I think it was Sneaky who went all in on the J date.


The Ides is the traditional date for settling of debts. That date would be perfect on so many levels.


Oh, I thought it was just a day for bad things to happen. Either way, perfect time.


It might have been. There were so many big days coming up (that never happened) that I lost track.