Paulie Manafort's bad day


I know. It’s almost as hard as keeping track of all the indictments Mueller has issued.


Lol so true. But I think the best are yet to come.


Don Jr. getting indicted on March 15th. Book it.


It’s both. It is oh so much both.


I do so hope we aren’t disappointed bigly.


You know, if you’re right you’ll need to change your name to The Oracle or something. :slight_smile:


It’s just a sentencing. I’m tempted to submit an amicus brief suggesting a two day postponement. Because reasons.


Oh, Paulie.


A sentence of 19-24 years was recommended. That’s life for someone that age.


Bad day for Paulie. Mueller’s last filing in the sentencing phase of the case, outlining the facts in the case that the judge should consider when sentencing on the conspiracy against the United States and witness tampering charges.

Bad day for Paulie, but good day for the people of the United States. We should learn a bit more about the facts in the Manafort case, especially the conspiracy, though I wouldn’t be surprised if much of it is redacted.


More bad news for Paulie.

Bloomberg reporting that the State of New York already has mulitple charges queued up to hit Manafort with should Trump pardon him.


Looks like Mueller’s sentencing document finally got through the redaction process. 25 page brief and a total of 875 pages with attachments.

The prosecution is not pleased with Mr. Manafort’s wide-ranging and never-ending criminality.

Manafort’s conduct after he pleaded guilty is pertinent to sentencing. It reflects a hardened adherence to committing crimes and lack of remorse."

How bad overall is Trump’s Campaign manager? There is no analog in the prosecution could find.

Given the breadth of Manafort’s criminal activity, the government has not located a comparable case with the unique array of crimes and aggravating factors



The narcissist in Paulie enjoys this part.


This one is wierd.

There is an LLC that loaned Manafort money and they want it back… but they don’t want the government to know who they are.


Putin-Trump Enterprises, LLC


Wow. Cohen even shows up in this story, albeit tangentially, but it does beg the question.

Is there anyplace a Trump associate can throw a rock and not have a good chance of hitting a Russian?


He’s been corrupt since he got his first $200k paycheck as a toddler. Anyone within his orbit sooner or later gets caught up in it.


The company, Woodlawn LLC, is now moving to collect anyway. The court shouldn’t allow the special counsel’s office to run up fees and costs for the company “by engaging in wasteful discovery,” the company said in its filing.

That’s…aggressive. Are they using Dubelier as their lawyer too?


Which one of of you is the headline writer at You owe me a beer.