Paulie Manafort's bad day


What are you talking about? The court filings are all public documents. The only people that don’t know why he’s there are illiterate.


Violating the terms of his bail by tampering with witnesses.

Now you know.


He’s there because he violated the conditions of his bail. He’s in solitary confinement because the sheriff of the jail cannot guarantee his safety in the general population. His safety is at risk because he ■■■■■■ over many people. I am sorry that he is being held in solitary confinement, as that is not something I support. However, he brought all of this upon himself and only he is responsible for his current circumstances.


Actually, we all know exactly why he’s there. The charges against him have been widely reported.

Wht don’t you know why he’s there?


…and tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Guiding Light.


It’s not like anyone who looked into him for ten minutes even prior to his hire by the Trump campaign would be unaware he was a scumbag, a shill for the most horrible dictators in the world and a white collar crook. He ripped off a Russian oligarch about a decade or so back and the guy pursued him literally across the planet.


$10 says the reason somehow involved Alan Dershowitz.


This reminds me of the old threads that would be like Why Is Obama Hiding? and I’d turn on the news while cruising on my laptop and he’d be giving a press conference.


Was he convicted in a trial?


Manafort in the gulag for nothing… Lefty loves it…



So you’re going with the “I don’t understand how bail works” argument?


He’s being held prior to trial after his bail was revoked. Happens every day all across the country since the founding of the nation.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was held without bail before his trial.

I don’t remember anyone whining about that.


Of course. Cable news isn’t explaining it to them.


I’m not sure you understand what bail is.


He violated the terms of his bail.

This is how our justice system works.

Welcome to America.


We all know he’s being tortured until he confesses something because Trump won… Just like the inquisition.


Or maybe (just maybe)- Trump hired a complete crook who has been in bed with foreign despots for decades.

Nah- go with the Lefty Deep State Coup conspiracy. Way more fun…


not sure of serious


This thread really delivers.