Paulie Manafort's bad day


Oh that’s too funny.


This was the same way he communicated with his Ukrainian and Russian contacts over the years!


Most DOJ People are left leaning, the FBI is right to center.


Does it hurt to pull so much crap out of your butt?


Yeah. The 2008 crash kinda radicalized me against big banks. I think that Eric Holder was terrible but not for CEC reasons. It was his disinterest in persuing clear cases of white collar crime. A lot of bankers should be in jail.

If this country had made white collar crime more of a priority… I don’t think we would be seeing what we are seeing today being played out.


That makes sense. And I completely agree. I do think we need fewer overall laws and regulations when it comes to banking, but make the ones that are there for consumer protection and financial protections for us all, more stringent and robust. And then enforce the laws with significant penalties for those breaching them. I don’t want “too big too fail” I want “too afraid of consequences to make shady practices the status quo.”


of course he does not know the difference between bail revoked and a sentencing and he still goes on whatabilism.


I would be happy if they brought back Glass-Stegall. That would solve a lot of institutional risk problems right there.

Heck. The Volcker Rule is going bye bye and that was a really watered down regulation on speculative investments.

That is on of the major problems with modern finance. They move money in a circle, take a piece of it whenever it passes by and when it inflated and collapses they get bailed out.

I don’t think that we learned anything from 2008… maybe we will learn from the next one.


To the italicized, you are completely correct. And those participating in it are getting very, very talented at it as well.

To the bold, I am not sure that we are a society that is capable of learning lessons right now. But I do agree that it appears we learned little from 2008, or have forgotten what happened, because we have the collective memories of goldfish. It will likely take something that makes most Americans feel real, unadulterated pain financially, before we will be capable of converting a lesson to long-term memory.


not entirely true, the ones who made a small fortune with the crash are now much better set up for a larger fortune next time around.


Newt had some strong opinions on how important Paulie was to the Trump campaign.


He’s a ■■■■■■■ moron.


this does not fit the current narrative


Yeah. That is a sad truth.

I have recently been reading a bunch of stuff about offshoring … like Panama papers stuff and money laundering.

Boy does that get me sharpening my pitchfork.


Lol, the feds have been onto this write draft emails on the same account trick since 2002. I remember reading about it.


Amazing. Trump doesn’t know what bail revocation is. That’s. . .dunno why I’m even surprised anymore.


In the same 2015 conversation with her sister, Andrea allegedly suggests to Jessica that their father used covert methods to send messages to Ukraine.

“I was there when it happened. I saw him on his shady email,” she allegedly wrote. “They don’t write emails. They log on and write in the drafts So it’s never transmitted over any servers.”


Tut tut tut. Never give up secrets you don’t have to.


How many times did you chant “lock her up” with your fellow sycophants at the rallies your Dear Leader held to worship him?


nah that was Flynn, Christie , Giuliani. he was always on tv defending them