Our President's comment on 60 Minutes about Kim Jong Un

We have a name for some in my area for a reason… Baltimorons

Funny you didn’t actually link that post making it clickable.

You left off the 5 or 6 posts prior to that where several posters kept saying “you forgot to mention obama is gay”.

Why would you do that??

here’s another one of your recent posts from another thread…

Here is one of the posts I responded to. Once again proving, it is not me who keeps bringing it up.

and yet you still keep posting that he’s gay.

don’t run from it now. just own it like you did again in this thread.

That’s a reply to the exact same post you’re bringing up here.

I didn’t bring it into the conversation.

If you people would stop asking me to say it, I just might stop saying it.

Why does it make you so uncomfortable?? I remember people posting stuff about trump being gay in the 2016 election.

Didn’t bother me a bit. Still wouldn’t. Have at it.

so you posted multiple times that Obama is gay. we mention what you said.

it’s our fault.


No. I responded multiple times to other people bringing it up.

Which I have now proved in both of your linked references.

Stop bringing it up if it bothers you that much.

no, you originally posted that Obama was gay multiple times.

sorry if that bothers you now. maybe concentrate on all the adultery by the current president to take your mind off it.

Donald Trump is an imbecile. “No more threats, no more threats”. What the hell does he even mean by that? N. Korea still has their entire nuclear arsenal intact. Just because someone gave Kim a profile on Trump that he’s a moron that can be easily fooled with flattery it’s supposed to means there’s no more threats? I can’t believe idiots ran around actually repeating nobel peace prize for that dog and pony show Trump and Kim put on where they signed some vague document with no concrete stipulations whatsoever.

On No. Someone has been caught red handed.

yeah, i busted him. he tried to squirm out of it by blaming other people though.

personal responsibility.

Republican values. Pfft.

Wow, Trump has finally educated the left who never in my entire life has brought up leftist mass murder, gulags and slave labor by leftist. Most don’t even care bout starving children in Venezuela. You can tell, because if Trump want to help stop it, they complain a lot.

What did you want him to do? Send them billion like the dems did? I’ll get no response.

he could start by not telling everyone he loves Kim Jong Un.

He did great, but that interviewer is as shallow as a dem party hack… I know what Rhode’s meant now, even more…

Are all libs like Ms. Stall?.. Some version of a steward smally?..

it’s not Trump’s words. it’s somebody else’s fault.