More Fake News! WH Press Member Lays Dead MD Reporters at trump/sanders Feet

He is because him and his supporters are traitors…

You guys deserve every conspiracy, slander, and insult thrown your way…

I guess since obama is a jihadi terrorist we’ll call it even. No one hates America like that scumbag.

bin laden was an amateur. obama was far more destructive.

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This is unhinged.

And to think, obama is an apostate as well. Well, apostate in name only.

You forgot ‘gay’. No one should take your bitter angry empty tirades any kind of seriously.

And the picking of nits continues.

“Much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people…”

~ Donald Trump

Right again, as per usual.

Oh I dont know you fake Patriots who support trump and accept Russian help are in a league of their own…

a gay muslim terrorist why hasn’t savior Trump brought him to justice.

Trump is the enemy of America. Intentionally dividing us, hurting the economy with his tarriffs and libs constant lies. It won’t be long before he becomes a ■■■■ stain in our history.

Aside from what you’ve been instructed to say by the people who’ve successfully brainwashed you, why do you think this?

You… not Rush, or Sean, or any of the rest. What do you think?

AnD to think trump needed to hack voting machines to win…because the gop cant win on their policies

Obama has nothing on Trump. In less than.2 years the fat slob has hurt America far greater than 8 years of Obama.

Donald Trump will be known to history as the Great Uniter.

You will have to remain in the dark. There is so much evidence that the lib media is tearing the country apart … if you have not seen it yet, I won’t be able to open your eyes.

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Yeah, uniting everyone to kick his ass to the curb.

All you have to do is prove that.

Get to work mueller.

Who will appreciate Trump’s perp walk great, the American people or Melania?

Why did the gay jihadi obama let that happen btw??