Is Trump’s Enemy the Enemy Simply Because They Lie?

Its so hard to be a white man in America.

Here’s a proposal, ohknow35: advise the Republicans to loudly, emphatically and consistently condemn and racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia and xenophobia, and take it away from us? Just as a strategy. Should be easy to do, no?

Calling obama “the world’s biggest celebrity” was “racism”.

It’s a joke.

The same way he gets most of his “data”: “Many people are saying” . . . “I’ve been told that” . . . pick your poison, they all mean “crap I’m making up on the fly”.

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Can’t tell if serious

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I didn’t say it was a bad thing. obama can be the gayest jihadi to ever yell allah akbar and it won’t bother me. I hear he’s getting gender reassignment surgery soon.


That simply isn’t true.

Lol. Nice try lumping me in that group. Oh. And stop being a victim by blaming Hillary and obama for trump’s failures.

Ooooof course it isn’t. Why would we expect any other answer from you. The only negative media is the one that disagrees with trump. RRRIIIIIGGGHHHHHTT

Whatever lets you sleep at night. :roll_eyes:


are you saying Fox isn’t part of the MSM?

Man, your trolling is worse than the Orioles record.

There are no limits to your fealty to Dear Leader, are there?

You like the logo? I just put it up today.

There are no limits to your frothing at the mouth hatred of Trump

I’m simply saying that you are deflecting and that you are full of it.

We are done.

i can see why.

If they have used our constitutional protections to spread their lies… they are like a virus. Yes. A virus is an enemy.

That’s not remotely true at all. I think he’s a major horse’s ass, a complete imbecile, possibly shows signs of Alzheimer’s or other waning mental capacity similar to Reagan, but I’ve also never called for his impeachment, and stay out of the real hair on fire stuff.

I also had the capacity to call out Obama on many occasions and I didn’t vote for him. You, on the other hand are constantly wiping the dirt from your knees-you bow and crawl like none other.

And there it is, as expected. Someone asks you a simple question, and instead of honestly answering, you stomp your feet around like a toddler who was forced to stop drawing on the walls with a marker and threatens never to talk to his parents again…as usual. This is one of your main MOs. It’s really pathetic.