Our decisions affect others - vet dies because ICUs are filled

Choosing not to get vaccinated, putting yourself at significantly higher risk of hospitalization or death not only affects you and your family, but your fellow Americans as well.

“The doctor was trying to find him an ICU bed,” Puget told KPRC. “He said ‘we have been refused so far.’ He said ‘we have called Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Colorado.’”

The vast majority of hospitalized patients with Covid are unvaccinated.

Not a single ICU bed available in 5 states because of the ravaging WuFlu virus and it’s all the enemy unvaccinated’s fault. lol



Who is filling up the ICU beds in those states?



The vast majority are obese and their impaired immunity greatly weakens the effectiveness of the vaccine. Should we visit grocery stores raid the carts of those of a certain waist circumference and then preach about how they aren’t doing their part?

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Uh correct…

Some of y’all need to get out more. :rofl:


You just be saying anything now.


I’d bet the answer isn’t “illegals.”

Got anything to back that up?

Other than common sense, not at the moment. I’m sure I could dig up some articles that show folks with metabolic issues and weakened immunity are hit hardest by COVID but you’ll just retort with some kind of quote from Fauci that says otherwise, sponsored by Krispy Kreme.

The vast majority of icu beds are taken up by unvaccinated Americans.

The headline could also read…

Medical Profession Ineptitude Claims Another Soul

Much more dangerous than guns and fentanyl combined.

Good topic!!



Ok, that’s one characteristic, but I’d bet the majority of those are in the 40+ BMI range, which would render the vaccine a placebo. Vaccinated or not, the standard American diet sets you up for failure.

Yep. It’s the experts who have told us for years to make sure our diet is mostly comprised of the same things used to fatten livestock.


You know, I also have to wonder how many of the unvaxxed ICU patients are those who are not citizens.

Personally I would look into hospitals in TX and FL.

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The fact that the vast majority of icu beds are taken up by unvaccinated Americans proves your point wrong.

If your doctor told you that you should get a new doctor.

So it’s worse than I originally thought. AR is on divert now, too.

If you are where I live, you would have to be transported 2 states away to get treatment.

That is a road trip if you are in good health.

People’s decision to not get vaccinated is affecting us all.