Other than on the economy biden is well ahaead of trump

biden is ahead 47-38 overalll

on the economy trump leads by 6 points
on the pandemic biden is ahead by 14
healthcare 16
racial equality 25

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trumps only shot of wining is if the pandemic really starts to fade away.
the easiest way to help that is by wearing masks
If trump starts wearing one his cult might start too instead of coming up with pseudoscience excuses not to wear them. the more that mask up the less the virus spreads

but we all know that he wont…


Or if Biden decides to show up for the debates, putting his dead brain on display for all.

Wouldn’t it suck that “brain dead” Biden would beat Trump in Nov. What does that say about Trump that a zombie beat him. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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All that’s left is to count the votes.

Btw, biden’s gonna lose by so much if he’s the actual clown on the ballot.

You heard it here first.

It depends. It would not suck for China, Iran or ISIS. It would suck for manufacturing jobs and your 401k.

Why would it not suck for China? Is it different now? Ivanka has scored some sweet patents in China since Daddy has taken over.
My 401K did great under Obama, and continued under Trump until he fumbled the handing of the coronavirus. Biden would just continue what Obama did. Did your 401K do terrible under Obama? Did you lose money?

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I’m not going to try to educate you. Vote for Biden and see what happens. But don’t bitch after the wheels fall off or complain that Biden inherited the mess he will create. Enjoy. It won’t be pretty.

I love the bookmarking feature. Talk to you then.


You’re very good at this prediction thing. From June of last year:

:rofl: :joy:


I will vote for Biden. And I have confidence that the wheels won’t fall off, despite the doom and gloom narratives. In fact, I was here and saw the same doom and gloom when Obama was elected. Didn’t happen. Economy improved, 401Ks grew. Didn’t have Shira Law, or gas over $7.16 per gallon. Didn’t have the US fall into a 3rd world country status. Didn’t have a civil war. None of that came true.
I guess the doom and gloom scenarios are returning. But why? Trump is going win all 50 states in the biggest landslide ever. Senate Rs will take 100 seats, House will be 435 red. I mean, this is the rosey picture I’ve heard over and over and over again.


I’ll be looking forward to it.

And once libs are done with their sky screaming, I’ll be glad to talk about it.

Who knew the libs were gonna sell out for the oldest, whitest, racistist, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ candidate ever??

But I also said this.

Might?..They’d buy out the total supply. But then again Trump would probably slap his name on them, then hawk them to the flock of cultists. The best mask ever made !!!. I’m surprised he hasn’t already.

What does that say about the brain dead maroons that vote for Biden?

Smarter than the brain dead maroons who voted for the biggest maroon out there.

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he’s orange not maroon :slightly_smiling_face:

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I dunno about that.

For one thing, Biden attended plenty of debates already. The first few were ROUGH for him, but he hit his stride later on. The SC debate basically won him Clyburn’s endorsement and the eventual nomination.

And remember, Trump and the RNC didn’t allow challengers nor debates. He is the rusty one now. In 2016 there was a huge GOP contingent of candidates and Trump had lots of practice, but HRC had few contenders and less practice. She still did well against Trump, who is not a great debater. He is a great talker, but he doesn’t study, he doesn’t practice.

And he is busy, more or less. Biden can take all the time he needs to prep. He can get top notch GOP volunteers like the Lincoln guys to help him.

And if the GOP and Trump keep saying that Biden is feeble, the bar is going to be very low. If Biden comes out and just seems normal that is a win. And he can certainly do that. But how is Trump going to handle someone going after his record and criticizing it? No one really has the chance to do that to his face right now due to his bubble.

And Trump is highly prone to word salads due to poor prepping skills.

This may not go the way you think. I would avoid overconfidence.




LOL… may as well say, “except for having his ass handed to him, Biden is winning!”