OP-ED: Comey blew it


Read the Constitution and get woke.


Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.


Unbelievably insecure post. Were you trying to exude confidence with it? Because you went straight comic book there.


Kind of taking it personal don’t you think?


I Clintonsplained second to counter your Clintonsplaining.


I made him mad.


Hahaha okay. Just posturing.


LOL apparently.


Insecure doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’m a fanatic, not insecure.


I can smell your fear through the internet.


Notice how it’s all about me. No substance, just ad hominem.


It’s substantive that you misstated Hillary’s position to make her look bad.


I accept nothing about her. She is an idiot and a worthless waste of time. But she was right when she said there were deplorable people people backing Trump. You know if. I know it. She was an idiot for calling it half. She was an idiot for saying it at all, because any seasoned Politico would know the opposition would seize on it and manipulate it into what it has become.

But you are smart enough to know the voice that was being given legitimacy by Trump. You know SMOTI was given credentials. You know how the White Nationalists were using the platform being afforded them at the time. Those of us who have been having these talks for well over a decade now, know reality. Don’t play coy just because some newbies have joined in the conversation.


Indeed…it’s their MO.


I hate to leave you all still wanting the attention you so desperately seek, but I have an early day tomorrow and I’m sure you ladies have supper dishes to do.

May the Good Lord bless and keep you until the 'morrow.


What make over 30 million people deplorable?


Understanding who Donald Trump is and supporting him.


She said half. That’s 30 million Americans and 100 illegal aliens.

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.


What are the 60 million who voted for him?


Sure you do.