OP-ED: Comey blew it


Just talk Constitution. I wasn’t suggesting that you guess.


Meh. I’ve interacted with him for many years now. He takes some understanding, but he is unique and has real perspective and beliefs. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t. In a world of inconsistent behavior, he is consistent and resolved in his position. It’s respectable in my opinion.

Doesn’t mean he isn’t aggravating at times. But at least he, unlike so many others, has maintained his long-stated principles and beliefs.


Half of you people are deplorable racist homophobes.

The other half are women who vote how your husbands and white bosses tell you to.

The other half aee misguided fools duped into not seeing the true path to enlightenment?


Constitution…that’s pretty big word for you.


I appreciate your generosity of spirit.


I don’t talk to myself. Your erroneous name calling leaves not a single mark shrewish person.


Who knows how it breaks down. There are more categories than that.


With you? :rofl:


I don’t believe you actually believe that. But perhaps you can provide some Clintonsplaining to support your assertion of what she really meant.


More halves? It was her turn.


I can only judge you based on how you present yourself here: a trump supporter uncomfortable with the baggage that title brings so you deny it, claiming an independent streak in your thinking.


I believe I just did. What other reasons could there be?


Judge me? ROTFLMAO! Who are you to judge me?

You’ve never even read about anybody like me.

Judge me. That’s cute.

When you can do what I do, you can go where I go.


Or don’t. You’d soon be repeating yourself anyway about how the second is unlimited or the Supreme Court is illegitimate or any of those other beliefs that the Onion jokes about.

So yeah, don’t.


That sounds like something Dr. Doom would say.


So you’re accepting she called 30 million people deplorable and now we’re arguing if she meant all?


I don’t know who that is.

I am a doctor in 132 countries in the world.


He makes posts supporting Trump. He isn’t a Trump supporter?


You Clintonsplained what you think she really meant. Good for you. She REALLY meant everyone supporting Trump. Her words didn’t suggest that by any stretch. But you know her. You can explain to us all what she really meant. Thanks for the enlightening.

Those of us who don’t try to explain what idiot politicians really mean will keep pace with the words actually used. And not try to divine their real meaning and intent. Thankfully we have you to Clintonsplain for the rest of us.


Interesting. What are you a doctor of?