OP-ED: Comey blew it

I really think that in hindsight he should have waited until things were a little clearer before dropping this bomb, which he had to know could do what it ended up doing. It bugs me that in his interviews, he’s still hemming and hawing a little about what happened, though he also says he made the right decision. Face it, sir: You changed the election.

It would have gotten out, either officially or through a leak. His hand was forced.

I think Comey was A factor in Hillary’s loss, but wasn’t THE factor.

Comey should have known that releasing information about an investigation, before there was even anything to report, was going to allow that information to be used as a political weapon, which it was.

It’s part of what allowed Fox’s Baier to run with the false narrative that sources inside the FBI were claiming an indictment against Hillary was imminent and that it was 99% likely her server was hacked.

Of course, he had to go back and retract that report, but the damage was done.

I think he did what he did in response to the blow back he got from his decision to not recommend charges against Hillary back during the summer preceding the election. He looked like a ref that made a bad call, then later gives the other team a bad compensation call to make up for it.

Maybe the OP being a journalist should investigate what NYPD knew…and thus why Comey had to come out.

You think he did that to harm Hillary? It was to protect his beloved FBI…the one that he himself corrupted.

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Still don’t think he had to do it. Says a lot.

You’ve made this claim repeatedly over time, both here at the new forum and at the old site. Several times people have asked for evidence of these claims that the NYPD knew and were getting ready to squeal. Do you have that evidence yet, or is this another one of your made-up, phony conspiracy theories?

That was back when the GOP was still Pro-FBI. But the GOP isn’t Pro-FBI anymore.

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To me, Comey had an obligation to notify congress the investigation was back up and running. Utah former congress critter Jason C should have been slapped into last Tuesday for releasing the letter.

I said as much back then.

Was it Chaffetz that leaked the letter to the press?

Did any voting lib care if she mishandled classified?

I think not. They show right here that they dont care.

I believe so.

If not whoever it was at the time I said should be slapped into last Tuesday.

BUT I say now as I said then. Comey had an obligation to tell congress the investigation was back open after he told them it was concluded.

And it wasn’t leaked he basically held a press conference on it.

Agreed on both points.


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Comey agreed with his agents, and that afternoon the F.B.I. alerted the Department of Justice that he planned to write the letter updating Congress. “If it were easy to see that it was the same [e-mails found on Clinton’s computer, which proved to be largely the case], you can see your way to a different decision, but if they’ve made a compelling case that it’s new, how do you see your way to doing anything else?” asks one friend. Nor did the F.B.I. think that it would be possible to go through the new e-mails quickly. “If we had known we would have been able to reach a conclusion quickly, that might have colored the decision-making,” says an official familiar with events.

But most of all, the F.B.I. was worried that if it came out that they had kept silent, and the existence of the e-mails was revealed after the election, it would give credence to claims, which were already being circulated by Trump,

that the election results were illegitimate.

Officials at the D.O.J. tried to convince the F.B.I. that all Comey had promised Congress was that he would take a look at new information, that he risked creating another misimpression by sending a letter, that doing this so close to an election was insanity, and that “the overwhelming odds are that this will amount to nothing,” as one former official puts it.

One argument that the F.B.I gave in response was that now that the circle had become much bigger, including agents in New York, the probability of a leak was high and would only increase once the request for the warrant was filed. “Yes, it was absolutely explicit that one reason for the letter was that the agents in New York would leak it,” says a Justice Department source.

“That is a crappy reason. You can’t manage your people? And a leak would have been better than what happened.” (In fact, on the morning of November 4, Giuliani returned to Fox & Friends, to gloat, “Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it.” Later that day, he tweeted, “I still challenge someone to produce proof of my direct involvement w @fbi.”)

Now somewhere in this PDF I believe you will find Loretta Lynch concerns about leaks coming out of FBI building in New York

This is last time I’m going to answer you. If you don’t want to do your own homework…and when people posted this information before you choose to ignore it. I’m done with you.

I’m tire of your silly games.

Have a nice life.

Loretta Lynch even said she was concerned about those leaks coming out of New York.