OP-ED: Comey blew it


No you didn’t.

Nor did you prove your claim.

And now you’re boring. Please stop stalking me. No means no.


LOL. I rounded down.

Why are you so desperate for my attention?


60 million people voted for him. I rounded down.


It is amazing how he is able to divine what someone really means when they explicitly said something different. It isn’t tarot cards, but he’s got a magical deck that tells him all sorts of unyielding truths. He should open a stall at the flea market.


Leading? I didn’t ask her anything. She stuck her nose in.

I don’t assume.

And now your desperate for my attention?


On any given page, an average of 25-40 percent of the posts I am seeing tonight in my screen are yours. You clearly want attention. Why are you complaining when someone gives it to you?


I can divide 60 million by 2.


About 62.9 million people voted for Trump.


“And we both know she meant all. Anybody who supports Trump.”

That’s the false part.


You’re a fun hobby. You know more than other Trump supporters on the board so it’s more engaging.


Of course, he knows what you’re talking about while he’s pretending otherwise.


It would be the same number if I was here by myself. I don’t come here to take naps.


I reply to the posts I see. I can’t cure your diarrhea.


LOL. Ok. She didn’t mean it. She really meant just half of the people who support that pig.


Ah, bathroom humor: the first refuge of the middle school mean girl.

Is that it?


I’m not a Trump supporter.

You have no idea how much I know.


Probably better to focus on what you don’t know.


Divided by half and round down?


So you’ll stand a chance?

If I find something I’ll holla.


I’m sure that’s what you tell yourself.