OP-ED: Comey blew it


Half of Trump’s supporters though? That’s a lot of people. Over 30M and that’s just voters.


This little back-handed beauty?

I saw it.


I definitely agree.




Yeah! It was only half!


Where he comes from, repetition is debate. The last one to repeat himself wins.


Was that the half that were told who to vote for by their husbands? Where do the white women who’s bosses told them who to vote for fall?

I’m confused which one’s were which?:thinking:


I wouldn’t have to repeat myself if you could answer a simple question and prove your assertion.


No, those two halves are separate from this half.


You don’t have to repeat yourself anyway. It’s childish.


I’m not going to do this if involves new fangled math.:rage:


As childish as make a claim you won’t back up? As childish as refusing to answer a simple question?


It’s easy. So far we are at three halves.


That’s another part of why I called it a poor statement on her part. The reality is that segment was a small minority, but a very loud and vocal minority. And it was a novice mistake on her part to give the opposition the ammunition she did.

Her and her husband are garbage in my eyes. I’ve pleaded for them both to go away for years now. I still do. But that doesn’t mean I cannot speak about reality and the truth, which I will always place above all else. Truth, facts, logic, and reality are what form the basis of principles, morality, and integrity. I have to honor the truth above all.


The truth is she called 30 million citizens deplorable. And we both know she meant all. Anybody who supports Trump.


You assume your leading questions always deserve answers.


Oh, I answered your question. Pretending I didn’t is just doubling down on the childishness. You might enjoy making the same post over and over again, but most people recognize wasted time when they see it.


And there’s that, too.


She said half of his supporters are deplorable. So what you said is false.


Well, that’s not the truth, and you know it.