OP-ED: Comey blew it



Didn’t take you long to get back to trolling did it, lib. Rushing to her aid? You’re a riot.


Nah. It’s the truth. And I think you’re intelligent enough to know it.


Spoken like a true elitist snob.



Like anybody cares what you think lib. You’ve become nothing more than an ankle biting troll. You’ve destroyed whatever credibility you once had on these forums. So congrats to you.


You been exposed buddy…but you never fooled me.

Now explain to us how Comey ruin Hillary chances of becoming pres and not her own comments.


He’s not all-you just asked who I was referring to. Trump keeps lots of bad company.

Perhaps you can explain why Trump could find the time, while in Japan, to tweet about the Texas church shooting, but has yet to personally recognize or mention the hero who stopped the shooter at Waffle House a few weeks ago.


ICAM! He also testified under oath to Congress that he would report if there were any changes and emails showing up on the sex pervert Wiener’s computer was a change so it was a CYA move for sure.


FYI my friend…


“Nice job, James, but I would’ve stopped the guy before he killed anybody. I prefer my heroes not to be surrounded by innocent dead people.”


Ahh-finally. Only took, what…3 weeks and being constantly pressed to do so? Better late than never, I suppose.


What she meant doesn’t matter now does it?

And you are Clintonsplaining.


Really? You’re still going to complain?


It’s not about what she meant. I was not trying to explain what she was aiming at. It’s what she said. The words are there for you, me, and everyone else to read for themselves. Hence, the truth and not the manipulation it has been turned in to.


Ok. Clintonsplainer.



If you want to be an ankle-biter, that is your business.


If you want to be a Clintonsplainer that’s your business.


The difference in our retorts is that I am not trying to explain what she meant. Her words are plain enough themselves. Making what you are calling me ridiculous and childish. Thereby also making you an ankle-biter, which is actual judging by these replies. Nip nip little guy.


Not only were you Clinton explaining you also used her extreme talking point memo/language such as Alt-Right and agreed with her by doubling down on her deplorable comment at those you have disagreement with.

I agree it was a poor statement on her part. But it was not because there were people out there who refused to support her. It was because it gave ammo to those who manipulated what she said and made it seem as if she was directing it at all Trump supporters, which is a total lie.

And she was also not wrong, when looking at the actual comment in context. The Jim Hoft, Alex Jones, White Nationalist, segment of our society are quite deplorable. The alt-right movement that was being legitimized by Trump’s candidacy, and after through the election, are quite deplorable. That is who she was referring to, and she was right.

As I said…you’re not fooling me.


I literally acknowledged the call after NF posted it. You’re a little late to the party.


I’m just funnin’ you. I don’t know what she said, I don’t speak Clinton.