OP-ED: Comey blew it


Oh I never thought for a second it cost her the election. At most she might have picked off michigan but that would still have left her well short.


…her ground game was one of a zillion things that hurt her but mainly it was her arrogant disdain for others and it’s plagued her for years. She can’t get elected and will never be elected…anywhere…except in New York.:sunglasses:


That sums it up. Arrogant disdain for others.


I’m not so sure about that.

Sanders beat Hillary in WI-it seems very likely that some of those turned on her when she didn’t show up a single time to say “hey, I know you supported the other guy, but I hear you, and I support the same things you support.” I think that would have gone a long way. Instead, she completely ignored them.


I think that was reflected in her lack of “Ground game” in many places she needed it to be strong.


I think she worked as hard-I think he just worked smarter at getting himself elected. He went to the right places and said the right things. I don’t think Trump took a single vote in an important area for granted. That was a very smart strategy of him.


It was kind of reflected when she called those who refused to support her deplorables. That was a blunder of epic proportions.


I don’t disagree, and on more than one occasion, I’ve stated it was an abysmally stupid thing of her to say.


Hillary herself is the reason she lost. She has no one to blame but herself. You won’t find any disagreement from me regarding why she lost. Arrogant candidate who thought her ■■■■ didn’t stink and could waltz into the WH because she was against a guy who couldn’t stop putting his foot in his mouth. And it turned out foot-in-mouth is now in the WH.


Well “foot in mouth” had some very popular ideas as well. I agree with your comments about Hillary.


I agree it was a poor statement on her part. But it was not because there were people out there who refused to support her. It was because it gave ammo to those who manipulated what she said and made it seem as if she was directing it at all Trump supporters, which is a total lie.

And she was also not wrong, when looking at the actual comment in context. The Jim Hoft, Alex Jones, White Nationalist, segment of our society are quite deplorable. The alt-right movement that was being legitimized by Trump’s candidacy, and after through the election, are quite deplorable. That is who she was referring to, and she was right.


I think more than being legitimized by his candidacy, they were legitimized by his apparent reluctance and hesitation to just come out and condemn them. His “good people on both sides” comment is a pretty good reflection of how he reacted to the like of David Duke, the KKK, the alt-right, and white nationalists.


He condemned those people and groups though I guess he could have and possibly should have done it more harshly.

On the other hand he didn’t invite these violent groups to the WH as Obama did with BLM.


Look who comes rushing to Hillary aid…and to tell us what she really meant.

How quint.


I hate that term “ground game”. It’s a stupid cliche.




Yeah, he just sits with guys who said Hillary should sit on the barrel of his rifle, or that Obama could suck on his machine gun, or that Hillary could ride it into the sunset, and that she was a stupid “bitch.”

And I disagreed when Obama had radicals like Sharpton/Jackson and other racebaiters visit the WH, and was vocal about my disagreement with that.

The problem with the first part of your post is that Trump seems to have to really be pressured into condemning groups like that.


Who are you talking about?



That’s it? Ted Nugent? I doubt Trump has a racist bone in his body his democrat friends never doubted it for a second either till he ran for President on the GOP ticket.