O'Keefe/Project Veritas Says He'll Expose The Deep State

James O’keefe produces controversial, political oriented videos. He says he’s got a killer one coming out next week where he has recorded the deep state and will expose them. It’s always fun to lighten things up a tad in good ole Hannity Land. What say you?

Oh, oh…:sunglasses:

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Does he dress up as a pimp again in this one? Cuz I’m in fer sure if he does that…

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…it’s your geographical orientation.

The storm is coming. Trust the plan. Bring the pain! Think logical. DECLAS of FISA.

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Yep…don’t look now but…

Deceptively edited video by admited criminal coming in 3…2…1…

remember when he propositioned a female reporter in an effort to expose her liberal bias or sometting? That went well. and didn’t he commit a felony pretending to be a mail man or something?

Omg are you dorks gonna get tricked by this doofus AGAIN?


OMG…here’s the extinguisher for your hair…lighten up already.:sunglasses:

I don’t even have hair. I guess my beard could be on fire though :fire: :bearded_person:

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Right wing YouTube crack us a powerful drug.

Expose the catatonic deep state of Trump followers? That’s easy, their brains are mush. No going back.

Btw, how do you feel when Redditt banned every single Q nutjob a few days ago? That was one hell of a day.

I wasn’t aware but it’s not on my paper route.

You could be right. Let’s see if he learned any lessons from previous mistakes?

Redditt is obviously part of the deep state.They are scared of the truth.boycott them now!


This is going to be hilarious!


Now that’s the right attitude…

Deep State = I voted for a New York City con man and now I need a distraction.

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Deep State = I voted for a smart but politically naive businessman who can’t accurately recognize his enemies.