OK atheists, your turn

Yeah, yeah. And I guess when the anti Christian threads came out you complained about them picking fights with Christians? Right? No you did not. See. I can play this stupid game too, I can judge YOU as a person as well. I just prefer not to do it. Okay back on topic.

What is your favorite atheist relief agency?

Meh, call out thread. What’s new.


They’re not a Christian charity.

They are, on the other hand, Swiss. Red Cross was formed in Switzerland.

This is exactly what you said when the threads calling out Christianity came out. Right?

WRONG :man_shrugging:

What “anti-Christian” threads are you referring to, exactly? Where is the chip on your shoulder coming from?

What did atheists ever do to you?

I did not say they were. I asked what is your favorite atheist charity.

Proof? I couldn’t care less what deities you worship. Why do you care what others worship or don’t worship? Holier than thou, much?


Wasnt it libz that were accused of moral grandstanding and virtue signaling?

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Whats the largest organization that enables child molestation?

Its not an atheist organization…


It’s very Christian thread

The OP seems to have put his shoulder out of socket, patting himself on the back.


And the threads in the religion section are loaded with posts mocking Christians. I’m simply offering a retort. Which is the only reason for the existence of this forum.

Threads are also full of Christians mocking atheists. Give yourself another pat on the back.

So you now believe that you have the qualifications to judge somebody’s Christianity? Very cute! :blush:

Offering a “retort” to who?

“Gnostic Bishop” isn’t an atheist.

What are your best three examples?

Ahh, but you can judge someone’s charity or atheism. More hypocracy from the self back patters

“Atheist” meaning absence of religious agenda? Sure I’ll name some.

Red Cross
Engineers without Borders
Doctors without Borders

To name a few.

I know. I’ve already been judged six times in this thread alone. How about I just admit to being a very, very bad man. Cuz I am you know. That way we can discuss the topic? :smiling_imp:

Ya you’re the victim. Give yourself another pat on the back.

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