OK atheists, your turn

There have been previous threads where people have been mocking, challenging or demanding that Christians justify their faith. As if it’s anybody else’s business. OK atheists , you’ve had your turn. But here is what we know for sure. The American Christian conservative is the most generous and giving person in the entire world. And it’s not even close. Whenever there is a national or international disaster, the American Christian is among the first on the scene to help. Bringing food, water clothes and volunteering to work. And what do they ask in return? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No conversion, not a thing. Christians are also live some of the most content, gratifying and peaceful existences. Atheists you have been incredibly judgmental and critical. So here’s my question.

What is your favorite atheist relief agency?

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Christians and hyper spiritualiats sure like to pat themselves on the back here and personally attack atheists. Self righteous pride is one of the biggest forms of ego.

But yes, we get it. Christians are just so much more happy and in tune than everyone else. When Christians judge, its righteous. But when atheists judge, its rude or miserable.


Why assume that atheists do not give money and resources to already well established relief agencies?

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Apparently Christians only give to charity so they can brag about it and try to one up Atheists.


What is your favorite atheist relief agency?

Apparently not. :innocent:

I don’t think that victims of disasters are as critical of the people helping them as you are. Agreed?

What is your favorite atheist relief agency?

Totally bro atheists dont give to charity, they are selfish, and Christians are so much better and happier than those angry self loathing atheists.


Nobody is or has critiqued Christian charity organizations.

You’re being quite judgemental in this thread. Maybe you should go to church on Sunday.

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What exactly is your point?

That there isn’t a specifically “atheist” relief agency? Who cares?

That is a separate thing from if atheists give money and resources to already established relief agencies.

Atheists aren’t an organised religion or group…

I donate to non religious charities like OXFAM

What is considered organized atheism kind of sucks anyway.

Full of stupidity and infighting.

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I like the Red Cross.

Yes they have.

Why is their symbol a cross?

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It’s the Swiss flag, with the colors reversed.

Nothing to do with Christianity.

That Christians are the most giving and peaceful people in the world. And maybe atheists shouldn’t be trying to pick as many fights with them as they do.

As Will Smith once said. “I ya didn’t start nuttin, there wouldn’t be nuttin.” Live and let live. :innocent:


You started this thread to pick a fight with atheists.


Why does the Swiss flag have a cross? The Red cross symbol was designed in 1863. Can you guess what the cross symbolizes? No ties to Switzerland.

They also have nothing to do with atheism. So calling them an atheist charity is false.

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Christians are certainly not the most peaceful people in the world.

Christians are just as capable of being terrible as everyone else in the world.

The criticism that atheists have of Christians is that there is a certain subset of them that want to legislate their religion in what is set up to be a secular government.