Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


And yet I notice that when you talk of going into schools to talk to anyone, it’s “young women.” Should we also be talking to “young men?”


Not celebrated, are you for a rape exception?


Schools should also talk to young men about respecting themselves and about how they are so much more than their urges.
But when we are talking abortion it is the women that are being abused by men who came up with a great way to have their cake and eat it too. Just convince woman that the child inside them is nothing. That abortion is a good thing. You can be just like us and have sex when ever you want and if a pregnancy happens no problem we will just make it go away.
Woman want to be seen as more than an object for sex and abortion has made them just that for men.


yes, celebrated. and joked about. guess i cant blame you for deflecting to rape

let me answer your question with a question:

is the human resulting from a rape any less valuable than any other human?


This kind of education is known as “abstinence plus”.

Problem is…for years social conservatives were against such types of education.

Funnily enough…do you know what such education has resulted in?

Abortion rates that have been declining for years and now stand at historic lows.

So please explain why many social conservatives are in a tizzy…abortions are on the decline, not on the rise.

Can it be that social conservatives aren’t really about results after all…but are looking for yet another issue over which to divide?

With the normal disastrous results that come from such divisiveness?


Not celebrated. You first.


So “being alive” is a requirement?


The baby is living?


Social conservatives were against abstinence education?






Might want to look a little deeper.


You agree with killing living beings for convenience?


it is so celebrated. “shout your abortion” etc

just watch sara silverman for 5 seconds for jokes about it

answer is no

funny how all your responses in here are so terse. some just one word

it’s like you’re afraid to discuss in depth


Nope, but its not my decision to make.


ha. do you believe in the death penalty? not your decision to make either


What should the penalty be for drowning kittens?


That’s because there’s nothing to really discuss. If the woman doesn’t want it inhabiting her body she has every right to have it removed even if this results in its death. Now I can agree to the limit that your times up after the first trimester but that’s it.


I have no problem with the death penalty but only when guilt is established 100%.


Don’t really care. Of course your not pro-life.