Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


It doesn’t pass the common sense test for one. For two I looked.


Actually, he doesn’t. He’s just trying to be civil.

Don’t be mealey-mouthed.


Do young men have a say in abortion?


You don’t really care if someone drowns kittens? You’re not pro-life.


Never claimed to be.


Abstinence plus.

An important distinction.

Abstinence plus is effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies and teen sex.

Abstinence only?

Not so much.

But my guess is…for many social conservatives, it’s the means, not the ends.


So what evidence do you have that social conservatives were opposed? Why were they opposed?

I’ve never heard of this.


You really don’t care about killing babies or drowning kittens?


I found the definition, thanks.


I would prefer that women keep it but its their body so what they say goes, and unless someone is drowning kittens in front of me there’s nothing I can do.


The baby is not her body.

You could support a law that punishes kitten drowners. What state do you live in?

What could you do if someone was drowning kittens right in front of you?


Do you know what abstinence plus is?


I do now. I’d never heard of it before.

We call it common sense around here…


I live in a red state and went to school in the sixties and we had sex ed. My children’s school had a sex ed class every year and they went to school in the seventies and eighties. My grandchildren are going to school now and they have sex ed every year. You have always had the option to opt your child out of these class. So it is a myth that red state government schools don’t teach sex ed.
I have sat in on these class to find out what is being taught. And there is not talk about personal responsibility. There is no talk about how sex isn’t love. There is no talk about respecting yourself enough to know that someone who really cares about you is going to still care about you if you say no. School sex ed class’s are all geared to how each persons body works. How babies ae created. How to prevent getting pregnant or getting an std. Where to go to get these products. And how to use them. So social conservatives have not been against sex ed. Conservatives have been against just teaching the mechanic’s.
And if abortion is on the decline why is it the left who get’s in an uproar when ever there is a proposed change to abortion laws. Remember when Kavanaugh was confirmed. Roe V Wade was going to be overturned the world is coming to an end. I did not hear one conservative say now we can over turn Row V Wade. Are the left just using this to cause divisiveness? Is this just the left pitting one group against another for power and money?
I know why conservatives try to get changes to the laws. They believe every live matters. And they will keep doing what ever they can to save the lives of every child until there are zero abortions performed every year.


Where is the fetus inhabiting? Attempt to stop them.


No they don’t, after its born they could care less about it.


We know that most of the left don’t care about the unborn. They believe the unborn aren’t even human and can be killed up until the moment of birth.
How many children have you helped that need help after they were born?
Me, I have helped plenty of children and their families.
In fact right at this moment I have a woman with several children living in a house I own rent free while she is trying to get her life in order.
I don’t need the government to do what I can do myself. .
If every person who says they care about people who need a little help got off their butts and helped one family in trouble each year think about all the good they could do.
Sadly most people don’t want to spend their own time and money helping the less fortunate. They want to spend someone else’s time and money. Than they can pat themselves on the back and feel like they did something.


His mother’s womb, which is what God created it for.



So its very simple, if the woman doesn’t want it inhabiting her body she has every right to have it removed even if this results in its death. Whatever’s handy.


As a Secular Pro-Lifer, I agree with abstinence plus.

Abortions have thankfully gone down in our country every year, because of both technology and public awareness. If people want to participate in sex, they need to have knowledge of the nutritional value AND the negatives to sexual intercourse.