Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law

Before the ink was dry, the opposition was filing lawsuits against it…

abortion court cases that will be appealed by one side or the other all the way up the chain…

57 years too late or will it take another 57 years to get to the top?

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Everybody knows where everyone stands on this issue

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Republican hate constitutional rights.

Here’s an Idea!??? Leave Abortions up to each individual state?

Even though I’m a Conservative, and am Anti-Abortion completely,
realistically the best Conservatives are probably going to get
are individual states being able to have Abortions or not.

And if Conservative States can do that, they need to have something that
is set in stone, where the Democrats can’t overturn it on a Federal level!!!
Forever! Not for 10 years, or something.

Do I think that Abortion should be illegal Nation wide? Yes, but will it ever
happen, and stick forever, or even for say 30+ years? NO.

This Bill is definitely a step in the right direction though.

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I feel so badly for the women in Ohio. Elections matter.

I like the states rights stance. I think that is the best way to go.

If abortion is murder, then it needs to be stopped in every state and U.S. territory.
If abortion is not murder, then the mother’s right of autonomy needs to be protected in every state and U.S. territory.

There’s no room for different, individual solutions to this problem.


Hmmm, it doesn’t seem too long ago that conservatives were Pooh-poohing the notion that their election would put women’s reproductive rights at risk.

Should murder similarly be decided if it is illegal or not? Each state can decide?

It’s a good lesson for those Generation-Z voters who thought such rights could be compatible with the current Republican ideology.

Although i am anti abortion, just like the poster i responded to, i believe the only way we can move this ahead is allow states to have a say where they would allow abortion or not. I also like the fact this could strengthen states rights.


It is murder, and should be completely stopped, but I’m a realist.

The chances of Abortion becoming illegal once again Nation wide, and staying that
way would be nearly impossible.

Logically, the only thing that the Conservatives can do, is make it go to the States

I feel bad for the Aborted babies that don’t have any rights or voice at all.

So sad when someone’s own mother wishes to murder their own baby.

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You’re willing to compromise and let it go to the state level due to being a realist.

Why not let it go to the county level?
Why not let it go to the city level?
Why not let it go to the individual level?


I cannot wait for the backlash against the religious right.


Abortion becomes illegal… we have our own Savita Halappanavar and the entire thing starts over again… because memories are short.

It will never be stopped. All this fight does is make it more dangerous.


Once again old white men dictating women’s life issues.

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We disagree on this issue. I can accept that. But I know republicans wont stop at just outlawing abortion. Gay and transgender people are next.