Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law

Conservatives don’t support individual rights, instead preferring statist rights.

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To them it is not a “rights” or a “decision” issue. It’s a “I believe something and everybody else needs to do what I want.” One person’s belief can override another person’s rights and freedoms in their minds.

Conservatives and evangelicals were agnostic on abortion until it became the new southern strategy.


I hope it hurts

I won’t disagree. I think the states should set precedence on most issues. Leave the federal government out of it.

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I get where the thoughts in this post are originating. But the post does not allow for other posts to state a differing opinion.

These are last gasp efforts by a fading group. As the conservative right continues to age, it is being replaced by a younger more diverse population who is much less religious and much more concerned with individual rights. The conservative right is not going quietly, as it uses money, gerrymandering, court packing and fear to hold on, but…as some would say, the end is near.

The Ohio law has no chance of remaining on the books. This is political grandstanding.

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End wont be near for a bit with the federal court packing…need to get trump and mitch out if there.

Fear is stupidity is a powerful thing

evangelical were completely non political once, America could be like Canada.

why not make segregation a state issue.

State rights sometimes work as intended, the legalization of marijuana is a great example. Each state can watch the success or failure of a law and can either adopt or avoid it. When it comes down from the federal level it effects everyone and there is no getting away from it. If I don’t like a law in my home state I can move to another if it effects me personally in a negative way, kinda the way people leave heavy tax states.

I am not sure about the abortion law, I do think there needs to be a time limit and I think that limit is debatable. I probably would have made it 12 weeks not at the heartbeat which can be around 5 weeks. But you got to hand it to them they know how to make names that is hard to go against “Patriot Act” “Heartbeat Bill”.

I’m afraid your wrong. You already tried to rewrite a bible passage in another thread to say the bible condoned abortion when the passage has nothing to do with abortion. Now your trying to rewrite the history of what Christians have believed since before Roe V Wade.


from Poll Finds Most Women Back Abortion Restrictions | RealClearPolitics

Nationwide, 77 percent of women support limiting abortion to – at most – the first trimester. That is slightly higher than the percentage of all Americans – 74 percent. Laws restricting abortion should be embraced, not resisted.

And 61 percent of women think it is important, or an immediate priority, for our government to restrict abortion in this way, a slightly higher percentage than the 59 percent of all Americans who hold this position.

Not surprisingly, the majority of American women (59 percent) say abortion is morally wrong, the same percentage of all Americans who agree.

Looks like women aren’t on your side actually.

most liberal agree that abortion should be limited to within 12 weeks outside of medical issue.

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The first trimester is 12 weeks.
heartbeat bill limit to 5 weeks.

most liberal agree with a limit of 12 week outside of medical issue.

Most people accept the terms set down by Roe v Wade.

This bill destroys that compromise.

And yes, I do believe that the pro life contingent has the moral high ground on this issue. So… why not work with people like me to help reduce the need for abortion by working to reduce unwanted pregnancies using methods that work?

Instead I see regressive policies like this one and people making up ■■■■■■■■ by yelling about “post birth abortion”

It is almost like some want to keep that moral outrage going without actually doing anything effective about the issue for political power or something.

You can tell were people priority are.


never going to happen.

Tax cuts? within the first month.

Did you miss this part?

the majority of American women (59 percent) say abortion is morally wrong, the same percentage of all Americans who agree.

From Plan B Morning-After Pill | How Plan B Works & Side Effects

Plan B One-Step usually costs about $40-$50. Take Action and My Way generally cost less — about $15-$45.

from Where Can I Buy Condoms & How Much Will They Cost?

In packages of 12 or more, condoms usually cost less than $1 each. So stocking up on condoms not only helps you be prepared, it can also save money.

Affordable or free condoms are often available at Planned Parenthood health centers, family planning clinics, your local health department, community centers, college health centers, or your doctor’s office.

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Great… that would be great if there weren’t constant efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.