Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


Planned parenthood or no planned parenthood, birth control is cheap. If people don’t care enough about their mission to fund them via charitable donation, too bad.


Roe v wade is the law of the land.

Another unconstitutional that will waste the Ohio taxpayers mucho cash o.



The irony of so many so many abortions in our country but the need for open borders because “we” need the population is ■■■■■■■■■ believable.


Oh and it seems my cost estimates for condoms was way high.

from https://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/newsroom/press-releases/ten-little-known-facts-about-condoms-planned-parenthood

The condom is one of the most accessible and inexpensive forms of birth control available. The cost of condoms is as low as $0.04 per unit.[8]

How poor do you have to be exactly to be unable to afford that? Pick up a few deposit bottles and you’re set.


There’s the easy way and the more challenging way…knowing that when you hear excuses, you know which road they chose.


Pro-life author cherrypicking from one poll.

2/3rds say Roe v. Wade should not be overturned and 2/3rds say abortion should be legal through at least the first trimester.


Not seeing any contradiction of the poll I posted.


Cheating on your spouse and having premarital sex are morally wrong by a lot of people. Doesn’t mean they should be illegal.

Surely many of those who said it’s morally wrong are also pro-choice.


Didn’t say that meant they all thought it should be illegal. The point was, it’s not something men are pushing on women, just as many women have issues with abortion as men do.


When you have gerrymandered districts, elections don’t matter.


Saying 74% of American women want to limit abortion to “at most” the first trimester is awkward at best. From your same poll data, you could say 51% of women say abortion should be allowed at least through the first trimester.


About one out of three women have had an abortion at some point of their lives. Considering how widespread it is, I don’t really take anyone anyone’s claim of being personally against it seriously.

Abortion is incredibly demonized by society, so of course people lie about supporting it. It’s kind of like pornography. I don’t know any guy who would watch that trash.


And many of them regret that choice bitterly. I know a few personally, including one who had to have a hysterectomy a few years after she had one due to cancer, now she’ll never have a child and completely regrets that earlier decision.


The heartbeat bill is more restrictive than what those 77% of women want…so your point is moot.



They may believe it’s morally wrong AND not want it restricted as much as the heartbeat bill restricts it.


Overly-restrictive abortion laws?

Yes- those are being pushed on women who don’t want them.


And many women don’t regret having an abortion. Why punish them because others made a bad decision?


I’m not rewriting anything. There was no consensus on abortion among Christians until it was politicized by Nixon and Pat Buchanan in the early 70s.


To those of you advocating for “states’ rights,” sincere question for you - if you are fine with letting individual states keep abortion legal within their borders, why are you not equally fine with letting individuals decide for themselves whether or not to get one, and taking government (federal and state) out of the process entirely? What is it about putting the decision-making power in the hands of the state government and out of the hands of the individual that’s acceptable?


the courts should do the following

  1. issue an order that makes any new abortion law in ohio automatically invalid until the court approves (similar to what had to be done vie pre clearance under the voting rights act)
  2. make the legislatures and governor personally pay all expenses incurred in challenging this clearly unconstitutional law