Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


It would seem a good compromise. The pro life crowd will never get it to zero and some of the stuff I hear on the left fringe (at least I hope is the fringe) is abortion is up to the woman and the doctor regardless of the age of the fetus.



They can’t practice birth control?

They’re adults who don’t know the facts of life?

They’ve never heard of adoption?

Truth be told, I think a former poster was right. I think “a woman’s freedom to choose” is a smoke screen for men wanting to legally opt out of financial child support and actual hands on parenting.


Key word: effort.

And why can’t individuals who feel that strongly about that organization give private donations?

The organization & its services still exist.

And they’ll see anyone—man, woman, trans, looking for contraception, even infertility services, insured or not.


Truth be told, IMO, it’s men who want them more so they can get out of parental responsibility.

Where are all the female posters on this thread?


That’s one question no one will ever answer or provide a link to ‘em on this forum.

Who are, and where are all these teens & adults who can’t afford birth control?

Or don’t have PP or Anonymous HIV testing for access?

Are we talking about a reservation or somewhere like that?

Back to topic: good on Ohio for possibly influencing a state’s rights effort on this issue.


Nope. I have a sister if she gets pregnant its HER DECISION and no one else’s.


So your going to ignore all the effort the right goes to into shutting down PP.


Gotta love making a woman keep a rape baby


Ain’t THAT the truth!

This country will never overcome this BS until the religious right is dramatically diminished.


That’s always been Trump’s attitude…until he decided to con the religious right into voting for him.


We’ve long since sent a man to the moon. We live in a society where people watch tv on their phones and have GPS that can put you across country to within inches of your destination.

But many STILL believe there’s an invisible man in the sky pulling the strings.

Hard to reconcile that, but here we are.


There are myriad reasons an individual makes a painful medical decision. Truth be told it’s none of your business.


Seeking escape from the existential dillema of meaninglessness will never be obsolete. They’ll keep believing a story that says they’re important and beloved.


people with heartbeats have no rights depending on their location…


My! A bit touchy, aren’t we?

Even if my opinion is that repulsive, exactly who am I hurting with it?

The legislation was signed in Ohio, and I’m in Massachusetts for Pete’s sake.

Regardless if one is pro life or pro choice, maybe Ohio is onto something. While there is a federal death penalty with some well known individuals condemned & on the row, it’s still states’ rights issue.

Some states offer one on a state level, others don’t. It’s the same with assisted suicide. An individual with an incurable, untreatable diagnosis may seek this service in Vermont, for instance, but not in Massachusetts.

Maybe it’s time for abortion to go on the same path. Someone is that desperate for one for whatever reason, there’s no law that says they can’t gas up the car & cross the line into Pennsylvania or Michigan for one


No, my point isn’t moot, the point is, it’s not exclusively men who want more restrictions on abortion, there is no gender gap on abortion, there are as many women pro-lifers as there are men pro-lifers. Feel free to argue pro-lifers or more restrictive pro-lifers aren’t the majority all you like, that isn’t what I was responding to. What I was responding to was the notion that it was men who were trying to take away womens reproductive rights aka killing babies. It’s a gender neutral position held equally by men and women, that was my point.


So if I make the painful decision to terminate my wife, it’s none of societies business?


What do you think should be done to women if they aborted illegally?

Until you are comfortable admitting that, you’re opinion on abortion can be discarded as completely irrelevant.


I am not the least bit uncomfortable admitting it. If a majority of Americans decide abortion is murder and that becomes law through their elected representatives they should be convicted of murder.


Life in prison or a government forced surgical procedure mandated by a religion.

Got it.